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  1. The camera scans the crowd that's cheering at the start of the show, the titantron and the screens showing off the Exodus logo before it all goes dark and the music hits.

    When the music picks up, Wolfman saunters out, his hoodie hiding his face as he walks to the middle of the stage, a mic in hand and signals the music to be cut off.

    He pulls the hoodie back, looking around the arena before he speaks.

    "Last week, I faced the champion, and I lost.." his fingers pull his hair back "I am not going to make excuses. Last week. He was the better man. I was the rookie and he was the champion."

    He slowly starts to walk from one side of the stage to the other.

    "While many would prefer to make excuses, I prefer to own up to it. I made some mistakes, he capitalized. End of story."

    He takes a second to scan the crowd again.

    "This week, I've got a triple threat match. And it's gonna be match of the night. Not because of a title, for nothing else other than the fact that it's going to have 3 wrestlers who know how to put on a great match. It's going to be amazing. This week, I wont make mistakes. And at the end of the match, it'll be my hand that's raised in victory"
  2. Wolfman is interrupted by Ellis Klein's music, smoke rises from the stage and Ellis dashes out accompanied by Nikki Klein. Ellis does his normal procedure of pointing to the sky, as the smoke fades Ellis begins to talk.

    Ellis Klein: Why hello there Wolfman, my names Ellis Klein, future intercontinental champion. *Ellis points at Nikki* and this is Nikki Klein, the future manager of the future intercontinental champion, but enough about me and my path to success, let's talk about you Mr.Wolfman. *Ellis pauses* Oh damn I forgot something, I forgot to address the ever amazing Exodus crowd, how you all doing guys?

    The crowd cheer for Ellis and Nikki

    Ellis: So then, this week, myself, you and Ben Song will be facing off, there will only be one winner and of course it will be me, Ellis Klein

    Ellis raises his arm to the crowd, they cheer in response.

    Ellis: Think of this match like a scenario in Alaska, you and Ben are the wolves *Ellis smirks and chuckles* see what I did there huh? Funny aren't I? Anyway back to this, and myself I'm the bear the undisputed king of the Alaskan forest, the wolves may try to escape from the bear but eventually the bear will pounce and obliterate the wolves and end the lives and in this case your careers... Forever!

    Ellis raises his mic and looks at Nikki, Nikki smiles at Ellis. Ellis puts the mic back down to speak again.

    Ellis: I suppose there's not much left to say, see you on Saturday Wolfman, the bear will be waiting.

    Ellis smirks at the camera and then at Wolfman as his music hits, him and Nikki walk backstage.