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Tonight (Oct. 23) All Elite Wrestling comes our way from Peterson Events Center in Pittsburgh, PA. Last week the first round of the tag team tournament concluded, PAC & Mox were incompatible partners, Riho retained her championship and Darby Allin proved to be an absolute madman against his match with Le Champion, Chris Jericho.

Advertised for tonight:

  • Best Friends vs. The Young Bucks
  • SCU vs The Dark Order (Tag Team Tournament Semi-Final)
  • Lucha Bros vs. Private Party (Tag Team Tournament Semi-Final)
  • Kenny Omega vs Joey Janela
  • Cody speaks
  • Britt Baker in action in her hometown aka Brittsburgh
  • Jon Moxley vs. PAC

Here are our five questions about AEW tonight:

1) Will Omega and Janela steal the show?

Originally, this match was supposed to be Janela versus Jack Evans but due to the popularity and the absolute banger of a match that Janela and Omega put on AEW Dark the match has changed to Omega vs. Janela. It’s technically Janela’s AEW TV debut as he has only appeared on the PPV’s and the AEW Dark shows so far and to say that they pressure is on is an understatement. Janela has to accomplish two things tonight. 1) introduce himself and appeal to a new, larger audience and 2) recreate magic. Everyone that watched the AEW Dark match is going to be expecting the same level of intensity from the two competitors, especially since this is a last minute match change specifically because that match was popular. Can they do it?

2) Who will be in the final of the Tag Team Tournament?

The Tag Team Tournament to crown the first ever AEW tag team champions is almost complete! After this round we have one more match and then new champions. The way the bracket has turned out essentially leaves us with an established team versus an up-and-coming team which has me thinking that that is exactly what is going to happened in the final round.

Looking at the brackets right now my guess would be Lucha Bros versus Dark Order. Lucha Bros are living that heel turn life and are absolutely dominant. Sure, they are super well known and hardly need another championship, but this is a new side to the brothers that we haven't seen before (well, at least haven't seen from them at the same time). The Dark Order are also spooky, but in a different way. Additionally, it is clear that AEW management wants The Dark Order to get over. (They gave them minions! You don’t just give someone minions if you don’t have faith!) Unfortunately, The Dark Order hasn’t been the most popular with the crowds unless you were previously familiar with their work as the Super Smash Bros (Google them! They rule!). Putting them in the final against the Lucha Bros and gasp even having them win the championships would surely justify the cost of the minions.

...or I could be wrong. Honestly, any way the tournament final turns out is going to be fantastic. AEW has such a deep talented tag roster it’s hard to think of a bad match possibility.

All I know for sure is that we are going to have two banger matches tonight!

3) Will Britt Baker finally get a defined character?

Britt Baker’s character for a while now has been solidly in the “tweener” category. When she first debuted at ALL IN she had definite heel vibes (as she was coming from a solid heel run on the indies) and seemed like she would be leaning into the perfect girl with a bad attitude gimmick. But then, slowly, as AEW became more defined, her character gave off a more “I’m here to win, but I guess I respect the other competitors” vibe. Sure, she was still into herself a bunch, but she could admit that maybe some other competitors were good too. She even shook Riho’s hand after she lost to her last week.

She’s advertised this week as being “in action” and as it is her home town, I’m guessing it’s a squash and promo (or maybe just a promo). I see it going one of two ways. 1) She turns full heel and trashes Pittsburgh and turns her back on her old nomenclature of “Brittsburg” or 2) She tries to cut a face promo and is interrupted by another competitor (probably Bea Priestly). Either way, the fact remains that Britt needs to figure out something more defined character wise if she is going to be a fixture on weekly AEW TV.

4) Will the Inner Circle show up (and mess things up)?

None of the Inner Circle are advertised for this show but, come on, they have to show up and wreak havoc! That’s their whole thing! Even if Le Champion is too busy bathing in bubbly or whatever someone in the IC has to remind the roster who (they think) is in charge. My bet is that Santana & Ortiz get involved in the Bucks vs BF’s match to add some fuel to their match at Full Gear.

Curiously, Cody was advertised last week as having a speaking segment this week (although I haven't seen it mentioned since so we’ll see) and Jericho is was in the background of the splash card so if that segment does happen you can bet your bottom dollar that the Inner Circle will have something to say in response to Cody.

5) How long before Moxley grabs his barbed wired baseball bat?

PAC wants to show his dominance through his wrestling prowess. Moxley wants to show his dominance in the most violent way possible, wrestling be damned. There is no way this remains a strict wrestling match for long. PAC shed blood last week and it was primarily Mox’s fault. Turn about is fair play...

Tune into AEW on TNT at 8 ET tonight to see if we get any answers to these questions.

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