Packers fans!

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  1. Saw this pic on TeenGohan Randy Savages youtube page. This is his favorite picture of Clay Matthews!

    Anyone else here REALLY into the packers? I am a packers fan, but not as much as Randy Savage.
  2. Randy Savage wants Clay's flesh rifle deep into his gun cabinet
  3. Packers are a good team, was happy they lost to the 49ers though.
  4. Go Giants :-)
  5. Interesting team, great history indeed for having the Lombardi Trophy named after their head coach and plenty of Superbowl victories, including winning the first two. I'm not a fan(especially today :sad: ) but I don't dislike the team at all.
  6. Not a fan but they're a solid team and Rodgers is great
  7. Saints or :gtfo:
  8. 0-4

  9. [​IMG]
  10. PACKERS!!!!!!!!
  11. THE 49ers? Holy shit the packers are sucking! Well I still have my bears :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  12. haha we arent sucking, it was a great game by niners and a horrible job by our D. Having the run game is settling in, and we are still top of the division, since we all are losing for no reason.
  13. Oh well I want packet to gain momentum again or else go bears for Super Bowl this year! They look focused
  14. Packers > the rest of you. The only thing holding us back, is that fan named Respect Gohan.
  15. Clay Matthews > Aids :emoji_grin:
  16. :haha: such a true statement. Woodson is such a beast also, i love our division this year.
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