Pacquiao vs. Marquez

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Danielson, Dec 8, 2012.

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  1. I have no idea if we have any boxing fans on this site but tonight is the big fight. I thought Marquez won the last bout but Pacquiao got the Win by decision. Does anyone have any thoughts? Will anyone be watching it?
  2. i will be i predict a pacquiao win by ko cant decide who i want to win
  3. I'm rooting for pacquiao just so maybe we can finally see him vs mayweather jr.
  4. same thats why i want him to win but i think marquez deserves a win
  5. If marquez wins the fight then the judges better give it to him. I just don't want any controversy. Do you order it or stream it?
  6. Hope Pac wins so we get the dream fight between him and Floyd. Pac was screwed in his last fight.
  7. Very valid points Crayo. The floyd/pac fight has been lingered over us for years and a loss to Marquez would be big. Floyd destroyed Manuel and Manuel is on record saying that Floyd is a tougher fight for him.
  8. Hate it when people judge boxers like that though (or any fighters). Fair enough Floyd beat him easier/faster, but Ricky Hatton lost to Pac in 2 rounds right? But lost to Floyd in like 12 or something. It's impossible to judge fighters like that in my opinion.
  9. Oh I agree. To be fair Manuel said that it's different for any fighter. I think he was trying to say that just because Pac was an easier fight for him didn't mean that Pac wouldn't have success against Floyd.
  10. Yeah, wasn't having a go at Manuel though, many fans do the same. Floyd fans will say Floyd is tougher because of that fight, Pac's fans will say Pac is tougher because of the Ricky fight, it doesn't work like that lol.
  11. I agree. Hey if I find out enough people are interested, would it be cool to start a discussion thread in the sports section?
  12. Sure. Discussion threads are allowed to be made by anyone :emoji_slight_smile:. I wish Pac's fight wasn't on the same night as UFC though, else I would definitely be tuning in. He's one of my all time favourites.
  13. Ok thank you! He may not be my favorite but he has my respect. I tune into any of his fights. Enjoy the UFC Fights tonight!
  14. Ima lay a bet on JMM +220
  15. gl sir. That's a bet against pac and the scorecard.
  16. ill be streaming it i hope manny puts on a good peformance if hes as bad as he was in his last 2 jmm will win
  17. I agree with you tgill
  18. also mayweather destroys manny paquiao aswell for me
  19. Urrrg. This shit's everywhere in our country. Stupid Pacman for being too over. Please lose.
  20. :finger:
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