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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Roadster, Mar 16, 2014.

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  1. Usually when i get on, and is scroll down it goes on a never ending trail, with the side bar getting smaller every time, this is really frustrating when i'm looking at post because they are repeated over and over again. Any help?
  2. What browser do you use?
  3. Chrome, and Opera. Mostly Chrome
  4. It happens in both browsers, or just Chrome? Have you installed any weird extensions? Nobody else has reported this issue, so it's definitely your end.
  5. Not that i know of, it happens A LOT more in Chrome, i have a shopping add on...
  6. Try disable your extensions and see if the problem goes away.
  7. It has helped so far, it was using extra coding sets duplicating everything. I'll tell you if the problem happens again.
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