Paige and AJ from RAW: The power of good editing

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Apr 12, 2014.

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  1. Tell me this video package from Smackdown this week doesn't make the whole incident on RAW at least look less crappy than it really was live? I mean, now I'm even into the feud a little more. Just the music, the placement of events. Was they're really a "This is Awesome" chant at the end there on RAW? Because I don't remember it, but I don't have the greatest memory anymore. Did it help you guys see the one and only Divas feud in the WWE in a slightly better way? @BrockLesnarFanForLife - I know you must be loving this piece of work right here.

  2. The editing is awful lol, i think i can editing better than this video.

    Horrible work, from WWE.
  3. There were no chants, WWE putting in chants, just like they muted Ziggler chants. And to answer your question, the video package at the start made the whole RAW incident look so much fucking worse. It made Paige look as she has been on NXT, strong, not a typical Diva, then the whole "congrats" coming in, basically showcasing WWE's boo boo majorly.
  4. Well I'm talking about compared to what really happened on RAW
  5. REally? Eh, guess I'm easily impressed. #Mark
  6. I know, but still.
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  7. They have Paige at the start, showing the diva she was in NXT then they show the RAW bit and how OOC it was, to try and put AJ over as a power hungry Diva, and the edited chants, it shows WWE Fucked up and they want to try and fix it, and they fucked up the fix. The video is basically: Look we fucked Paige up, but she got some "this is awesome chants, so cheer for her monkeys"
  8. I think the video package helps highlight the impending feud, but the match still could have been much longer to showcase what Paige is capable of. Paige needs some work on the mic even though I find her initially interesting. Overall it could have all played out much better and hopefully the feud will be interesting in the long run.
  9. Execution wasn't very good, I marked though because I'm an NXT mark/it was a great idea, and a nice surprise. I will say that Paige's problems in developmental were a lack of character and ok mic skills, given how this is going she's probably just gonna be another generic diva as far as gimmick goes (although her matches with AJ will be great, and this got people talking more than anything that happened in the Divas division in a long time. Granted, not hard to do that, but still), and her mic work... meh. Just there. So I think they could've holded off the debut a little but she wasn't destroyed at all, it can work in the long run and then it'd be worth to rush it.
  10. Like I said before, WWE desperately wants these two girls to become the next Lita/Trish, and it will flop like.. wait... I had something for this... something.. that flops.
  11. The segment shown on Smackdown was edited but it still was good also the clip of Paige introducing herself was awesome. I marked out again and I cant wait for Raw to see what Paige does next
  12. It's the Diva's division, was any effort really suppose to be put into it?
  13. There were "This is Awesome" chants right before the bell rang to start the match... and I, personally, thought this was a very good segment to introduce Paige to the main roster. Her character wasn't lost at all.. there was no botch.. she blocked the Black Widow, AJ released it and she got caught in the Paige Turnah.... it made Paige look strong and she will continue to look strong moving forward.
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  14. I don't think she looked strong at all...

    The "I'm not ready" crap along with getting the shit beat out of her for pretty much the entire 'match' (aside from the finisher) doesn't make her look strong whatsoever lol.
  15. She blocked AJ's finisher, which every diva on the roster besides Tamina had tapped out to, and then hit her finisher in response to it... yeah not strong at all... I'm not really a fan of Paige.. but I think she will be a good champion. She will surprise people.
  16. I like Paige too, but I think she looked shit in that segment. If anything it made her look flukey.
  17. There were "this is awesome" chants. They weren't edited, lol.
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