News Paige and Alicia Fox joins Total Divas

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  1. The anti-diva on Total Divas. LOL
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  2. I did have a little laugh about that. But it might help her improve her mic work/general character.
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  3. Paige.. on Total Divas? Dafuq..
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  4. Paige > Total Divas
  5. its pretty ridiculous how fake this show is it just needs to die lol
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  6. The fuck?

    So basically AJ, Layla and Emma are the only ones not on the show? Stupidest shit ever.
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  7. Irony. :letroll:

    And I thought Alicia Fox was already part of the cast.
  8. d u even total divas?:goatface:
  9. I've got too good of taste to watch that show.
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  10. If you watch RAW on a weekly basis, you don't.
  11. Raw at least has it's moments. Comparing Raw even at it's worst to any episode of Total Divas is an insult. Plus, I skim through most of Raw nowadays.
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  12. True.
  13. Oh well, there goes page's career and what's left of Alicia ' s....
  14. After 'Mania seemed to be Alica's new beginning and of the divas division as a whole, once again you point the spotlight on a reality show and down goes the growth.
  15. Wasn't there a rumour that Vince didn't want any Diva in TD to hold the Divas title....

  17. Soon enough Total Divas will be the Divas Division and the Divas will have catfights on the show to determine the Divas champ etc.....
  18. That show would be the highest rated show on TV if there were nudity. Simple solution.
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  19. especially with Alicia Fox. Dem cannons.
  20. Said the wrestling fan.
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