Survivor Series Paige being added to Raw Women's Team

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Nov 12, 2017.

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  1. [​IMG]

    She would be joining Alicia Fox, Nia Jax, Asuka, and Sasha Banks.
    There is a rumor of her showing up for RAW tomorrow as well.
    My guess is that this is when it will all be announced.

    Thoughts? Feelings?
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  2. It would confirm that Raw will win this match. They ain't screwing Asuka this quickly.
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  3. They need to just feed Paige to Asuka and call it a day. :bulba:
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  4. Who do you think is Asuka's first feud after SS? :psycho:
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  5. "feud" :dawg:
  6. Forget wrestling.. I want more UNO!

    Paige is going to job and blow when she comes back. (<--- so many innuendos!)
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  7. ..................meh. Good luck?! Hey btw, where's that emo kid who trying to be impressive by being "the lonely and misunderstood rock singer" and got so damn defensive about Paige over one of my gifs?? Paige I'mma need u to keep ur f**k buddies in line and off the forums.

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  8. The biggest swerve WWE could do now is have Paige NOT job out.

    But I don't really care either way.
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  9. Paige to be first eliminated
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  10. Even bigger swerve, have her show up as blonde and nothing like herself.
  11. ....So Alexa Bliss?
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  12. How's that relate to Paige being added tho?
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    So...I have a few thoughts on this one...
    and its time for a list...

    1). Paige should be a heel on SmackDown...

    2). The idea of both Bayley & Mickie James missing out on the Survivor Series
    team is kind of irritating considering Alicia Fox & Nia Jax are on the team...

    3). Its amazing that Emma & Summer Rae get released yet after all the "bullshit"
    that has surrounded Paige for more than a year...she is the one that is still actually
    under contract and could walk straight into a spot on one of the Big 4 pay per views.

    It just doesn't feel right or fair...

    If only Emma leaked some sex videos & had a film made about her...



    4). Part of me is hoping that this maybe a swerve and Paige will actually be a special
    SmackDown agent sent in to disturb and disrupt the RAW women's division.

    5). If Paige is going to be on RAW...then please let the Iconic Duo be drafted to SmackDown
    after Survivor fact...lets have them show up during the event itself and attack
    Alicia Fox on the kick off show so Bayley or Mickie can take her place.

    No offense Foxy...but I want the best workers in the match.

    I will admit...I was completely wrong about Paige and it turns out she will actually wrestle
    in a WWE ring again.

    I'm glad I was wrong.
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  14. Honestly, I'm pretty happy about this.

    Alberto Del Rio was ruining her life, and I would absolutely love for her to be free from him and have another shot at getting her career and her life back in order. Everyone deserves a second chance, and I hope this is hers.
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  15. Paige is just like AJ Lee. She was a decent worker in a division filled with bad workers.

    I predict she's going to get heavily exposed with this return.

    I only remember 2 Paige matches. The first being her debut and the other being that terrible tag match with AJ and the Bellas at Mania 31.
  16. tbf, there aren't that many women on the current roster that are better than her either. Other than Sasha Banks and maybe Charlotte, the rest is able to keep up when needed to but they're also not through the roof. I'd say Paige is on the same level because she can keep up but she also won't put on a show like a Sasha/Bayley or Sasha/Charlotte
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  17. Firstly not an emo and not lonely either. I think you're just jealous of the fact Paige loves me and not you
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  18. Hopefully she doesn't. Sasha is horrid.
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  19. how? She's the only woman who had legit great matches so far
  20. *Match
    She's had a great match. The only great match I've seen from her was with Becky at NXT.

    I would not consider any other ones great.

    Her two Iron Man matches weren't good. If two men had the same match, we'd eat them alive for having that kind of match.
    The HIAC had nothing going for it either.
    Also, her promo skills are plain awful. She's been a face for like, what, a year or so and every promo she cuts is like she's a heel. She fails to property convey what her character is, which is the main point of a promo.

    She was good in NXT, I'll give her that. However, down there they have months to put matches together and cut the right promo. They have training wheels on. The main roster exposes you and shows what skills you actually have and Sasha has shown that she's much worse than I thought.

    And I'm not even gonna go into her not knowing how to bump correctly or properly wrestle.