Paige/Cameron feud WTF

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. So ive just seen footage on of Cameron confronting Paige at her Payback interview saying she has busted her ass all year and Paige just walks in and takes the title and shes just rookie who hasent earnt it and im like WTF shut the fuck up bitch Paige has wrestled for 8 years and she has paid her dues and she deserves to be divas champion. Anyways they both wrestled on Superstars and Paige put Cameron in her place lol
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  2. Other people train to get where they are- Paige isn't the only person that did that.
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  3. There is no Paige/Cameron feud... it was one match lol

    Paige will be doing the same thing with every single diva until AJ returns and takes her title back.
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  4. I'll send $100 on pay pal to any mod that perma bans the skid mark on this forum's underwear.
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  5. Damn Kayne west interrupting everyone.
  6. Crayo doesn't even post anymore so you're basically spending $100 for no reason.

    Oh, and this post should be in the suggestions section, not on this HQ thread. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  7. If this BLFFL persona is just a joke, I have to say, it's the most annoying and heartless prank to ever be made on the internet, but mostly annoying
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  8. I'm down for that
  9. Already ahead of ya, D'Z get your purse ready.
  10. Get.Your.Fucking.Tubes.Tied.
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  11. I like BLFFL

    But is with the fasination with womens wrestling, its shite
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  12. Soli unbanned him.
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  13. Nice.
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  14. So.. 1 segment and a superstars match = feud these days? I must be tripping if that's what's being presumed here by the OP.
    Eff you dude that's my division you're ragging on. You homo dawg? Only wanna see dude's wrestling or something? Can't believe you're opposed to a nice pair of tits or an ass or even some nice gams rolling around in some skimpy outfits.
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  15. You bigot, dawg?
  16. Could just watch porno or naked chicks online. Most current 'divas' aren't even all that hot anyway, and there's better things to watch if you're looking for (half) naked chicks to look at. Just sayin'
  17. It's a European shoulder bag!

  18. Cameron's a slut and that's why she'll never be anything. Paige is the best.
  19. Omg... do you like... not watch Total Divas?!?
    She would be fine without sex for the rest of her life.

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