Paige has a fantastic a**. It's true, It's da** true.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Red Rain, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. Her ring gear doesn't do her justice. This may not get many replies but da**. This chick may be pale, but da**.

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. It's alright, not anything special in my opinion.
  3. I consider body weight to a** size ratio. For Paige's size, I find her a** exquisite.
  4. She's hot for sure. Would probably fap to her
  5. Eh to each to their own I guess
  6. Mines Biggeeeeer!
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  7. Can't blame you.
  8. I guess I never expected her a** to be so nice. You totally can't tell on TV.
  9. Mine will destroys yours :tough:
  10. Get outta here, Bitch! That twerking championship of yours is about to be taken away!
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  11. Seems the same to me. :hmm: Then again, havent watched Raw in a good while, just seen pics of her everywhere on Facebook
  12. I still have my twerking videos son :tough:
  13. -Raises hand to your face-

    Thats your opinion.
  14. She does have a nice ass though, OP.
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  15. :finger: No that's your opinion
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  16. That's just it. I just noticed a week ago. I don't do social media so it isn't the 'same' to me.
    For me, it's like discovering bread for the very first time.
  17. Lol well that may be it. Everyone over does it with Paige and AJ saying they got the best asses ever on social media sites like Facebook
  18. It's better than Lita's and her a** to weight ratio is better than Trish's.
    Kelly Kelly isn't in her league. Once you contrast Paige's a** with her complexion you get a unique mutt.
  19. Never been, bro. Good argument.
  20. I'm still too busy jacking off to AJ and her ass to notice Paige's.
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