Paige is coming!!!!

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Dec 28, 2013.

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  1. *** Watch
    Paige is coming she just called out all the divas especially AJ
    Get Paige on the main roster right now!!!!! she is gonna kick ass
  2. Yeah I saw it and boy would that be a interesting feud, if she does come up I would say she would drop the title to Emma?
  3. sexual innuendos pls
  4. Wrong channel lol.
  5. Oh snap, ish just got real.
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  6. Danny :yay:
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  7. Spoilers m8 :((
  8. 2014 is gonna see the debut of Paige you just know its gonna happen
  9. That was a boring promo
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  10. yea she doesn't have much personality. I guess we are supposed to mark because she would rather train than do her nails, but ultimately she doesn't have much going for her outside of her mentality. She's solid in the ring, but she won't be igniting interest in the divas division outside of the few pockets of marks she has developed within the IWC>
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  11. Even the highlights in that match ween't all that. I hear all this hype and it's a big meh for me.
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  12. B-But guys! She's Paige!! She can wrestle and she's foreign and looks like she just barely turned 14! Paige guys!!! PAIGEEEE
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  13. Yep. Again, I see two chicks who have the right mindset and want to become good wrestlers, but they just aren't all sorts of talented like you might expect if you haven't seen them work and only hear the hype.
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  14. Paige is one tough chick. I've been following her since FCW, and she's the real deal. I'm excited to see her on the main roster.
  15. Dolph Ziggler - you are clueless Paige has everything in a womens wrestler to succeed in WWE. She is gonna make history
  16. YEAH D'Z!! I think you're just jealous because you look to old for your age! You look 20 when you're 30! :pipebomb:
  17. We're talking a historical moment in time, people. Respect.
  18. I'm clueless for having an opinion. Good to know. We all know why you like her--- she's British.

    Fact is she has absolutely no charisma and not much more speaking ability. I was cringing while she cuts this promo you've posted because she is trying to hard. It comes off as the polar opposite of natural.
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  19. This is like electricity being invented, or the pyramids being built, or Jurassic Park being released. It's a moment in time. Breathe it in. Paige is coming.
  20. if she and AJ are supposed to be the saviors of that division Vince should have took my advice and just 86'd the entire thing.
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