News Paige is Injured

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solid Snake, Aug 3, 2016.

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  1. "As noted, WWE star Paige has been pulled from next week’s WWE New Zealand and Australia tours, and at the time she was pulled no explanation was offered as to why Paige will not be traveling with the WWE crew. Paige was originally scheduled to team up with Sasha Banks on the tours and face the team of Charlotte and Dana Brooke. Those matches have since been changed to handicap matches featuring Banks vs Charlotte and Brooke.

    Paige’s mother Saraya Knight took to Twitter and shot down rumors of Paige either being pregnant or having been released from WWE, and Knight clarified that Paige is currently injured."

  2. :lies:

    She's obviously pregers.
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  3. She's having my baby. Whoops. :adr:
  4. Odd, why didn't they announce that Paige is injured on RAW or their website? She's still over,right? I'm sure ppl would want to know about that.
  5. Oooh, ADR must've been tearing that *cough* you know what *cough* to shreds. :adr:

    But seriously, hopefully all ends well for her and she recovers soon.
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  6. Who noticed she was gone?
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  7. So I had no idea Paige and ADR were dating... :dawg:

    Did a google search and she legit got this tattooed on her finger...


    :idk: Did she forget she was British? Orrr... Is that a special nickname for someone....
  8. On another but related topic: Pretty certain Paige's mom is legitimate bonkers. Or at least off the anger medication
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  9. If the UK has the equivalent to rednecks in the US, she is one of those. :true:
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