Rumor Paige reportedly hires legal representation.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Botchie, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. Paige Reportedly Hires Legal Representation, WWE Future Up In The Air, Alberto Del Rio Update, More -

    feel like Keemstar posting all this Drama...
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  2. She'll probably be gone soon. Oh well.
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  3. I hope it goes to court and Paige yells, "this is MY house!"
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  4. According to a couple of insiders with pretty good track records Paige handed in her notice on Tuesday. Main deciding factor was that WWE apparently refused to pay out her Wrestlemania pay, which traditionally is paid out during the month she and Alberto got suspended.

    I don't know if they would have paid it out after her suspension instead. But she has apparently handed in her notice.
  5. She's young and dumb. Sucks, but good luck to her I guess?
  6. Meh. I would like to add somewhat of a credible response but Paige/Del Rio is just... meh. She's probably just shot herself in the foot tho. Kudos Paige!
  7. Hopefully her being young and dumb (young in particular) means that with some time she'd be allowed back once her relationship with Del Rio ends. I find it hard to believe that they will be a lifelong thing
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  8. Hopefully she starts working for Brazzers
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  9. What exactly was it that got Del Rio and Paige suspended in the first place anyway? With all this shit going with both bolting this is all getting me suspicious...
  10. They refuse to mention it. Eva Marie got suspended due to her supplements (not that surprising. The banned supplement listings are updated almost monthly). Paige and Del Rio refuse to say a thing.
  11. If Titus got suspended for grabbing Vince... Then WWE can suspend Del Rio and Paige for refusing to break up if that was the case... WWE has to leave relationships alone
  12. Except WWE stated they were both suspended for breaking the wellness policy. Not for bad conduct.

    And they would not use the wellness policy as a scapegoat. It's one of the most heavily scrutinized policies they have and they do not want it tarnished. The wellness policy is very serious.
  13. Oh ok
  14. I just got back into WWE a month or so ago. Never seen Paige wrestle. Cute girl but eh they are a dime a dozen in entertainment industry.
  15. That's the reason this is even remotely worth talking about she's a pretty decent wrestler. Seemingly burning a bridge for a guy she'll probably break up with in another month or two.
  16. I doubt it is a bridge burned though since WWE has brought back wrestlers who have done worse than Paige (Ultimate Warrior, NWO etc).
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  17. [​IMG]

    Been together for a few months. smh
  18. Del Rio must have the magic stick...
  19. He's known as the guy who took over for Big dick Dave backstage. Aka the bedder of single divas.
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  20. [​IMG]
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