Paige should be called up next

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jul 18, 2013.

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  1. Paige should be called up next to the main roster this girl is so ready for the big time she has it all wrestling skills, mic skills, she has a strong character to play, shes already very over with the fans from the reactions she gets on NXT. I think she is the one to call up next over anyone else. Paige has worked main roster house shows wrestling matches against AJ and worked tag matches with different divas so this is another sign WWE are high on her. To think this girl is only 20 years old can you imagine what she will be like come her mid 20's and late 20's wow. I feel so proud of her as she is representing my country England so well. What do you think?
  2. I really wish you knew how to use periods and other such proper punctuation. I also question why I seem to get suckered into reading these types of threads you make.

    Anyway, as to the point at hand -- yeah, she's great. Woo, go Paige.
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  3. Not until she's 21 years old.

  4. Speaking of...... (off-topic probably, but whatever) what's with this "new Diva" named JoJo who's fresh out of high school? Apparently she's in the stupid Total Divas show, but didn't know anything about her or where she's suppose to be.
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  5. I think WWE will skip that age rule for Paige she is ready for the main roster so she could be on Raw very soon

    And as the above poster has said Jo-Jo that new diva from the total divas reality show is only 19 yet shes already debuted on Raw in that backstage segment with the Bellas so clearly WWE doesnt think much of how old someone is
  6. She'll be called up whenever they make her a worthy storyline. There is no use for her to get called up if they don't have anything for her to do. Seriously,would you rather her get called up to be thrown around and become another flop or would you like to see her in an interesting storyline where she gets built up and succeeds? Theese type of things take time.
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    They wont. Paige doesn't deserve special treatment. She's an okay women's wrestler with a bland long run character. Nothing to hang in the Christmas tree. And the rest of the divas roster are or have catched up to her. Emma is getting equal pops to her and is arguably more over and is a better wrestler. Bayley is catching on. Charlotte just debuted, Summer is already on the main roster and Rebecca Knox (one of the best women wrestlers of this generation) has just reported to Florida. The advantage Paige has is getting smaller and smaller.

    And Jo-Jo is a part of the Total Divas series. She doesn't work a full road schedule nor even the schedule of a manager. She is brought in to show the diversity of the divas. As soon as all 8 episodes of Total Divas have been aired she will report to Florida full time for training.
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  8. There's only 8 episodes of that trash!? :win:

    Thank goodness. :phew: We can just suffer through all the adverts for a few weeks and move on then.
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  9. I would agree, but I absolutely abhor the fact that most of her moveset is hair affiliated. It just irks me. It's cheap and even though "it's banned", it's constantly used. If she's this "aggressive" wrestler as they make her out to be then why not make her more of a british brawler? A mix of Barrett and Ambrose or something.

    Also, she doesn't have much depth to her. All she is built up to be is "a bad-ass anti-diva" but what happens when being the anti-girly girl gimmick gets old? Then there's nothing. She needs more depth and personality before she premieres or she's just going to be another sheep in the herd and be a valet for some jobber like the rest of the diva roster. I don't want it to be true, but WWE doesn't really prove me otherwise.

    And knowing WWE, they'd probably push her to main roster anyway. Let's see a good 3 month gimmick... yay.
  10. inb4 Total Divas Season 2

    Paige is pretty good, and has a nice gimmick. However I think she's a little bit overrated. I'd like Emma (:gusta:) to be called up at the same time as Paige. Emma>Paige:urm:
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  11. Same. I like her way of wrestling better. Her Muta Lock (forgot what she called it lol) is godly and is way better than the Paige Turner. I can see Emma benefiting being pushed more than Paige currently.
  12. Working house shows isnt a sign WWE are high on you. Ohno, Neville, Summer Rae, etc were all working house shows in April/May. Hell Ambrose was working Dark Matches and House Shows for a year before he was called up.
  13. I'm a pretty big Paige Mark so I approve.
  14. Agreed for the most part,but, Emma and Paige >>>> Audrey Marie. Shame she was released.:sad1:
  15. What I like most about Paige is her looks. She's simply dreamy to look at.

    But this chick:


    Is the chick to watch out for.

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  16. :true:

    Long black hair, pale, thin, prutty :gusta:
    I also like her "anti diva" gimmick a lot, but I haven't watched her enough to know how good she truly is. So idk.
  17. Paige > Emma

    From that result I spoiled WWE are obviously more high on Paige that's proof
  18. Just a personal opinion. Of course they are pushing more Paige. But I prefer Rae *50 minutes later* and Emma. Emma is over as fuck. You cant hate her. #Inb4GohanHatesHer
  19. People "winning" things doesn't prove shit. Cena won the belt like 11 times and people still don't give a shit.

    Emma > Paige

    Proof? Every Emma match.
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  20. Bubbles :yay: :gusta:
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