News Paige Suspended (again)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Oct 10, 2016.

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  1. Paige suspended for 60 days

    I always thought she looked lazy and didn't care about wrestling and/or WWE as much as the life that came with it, but I feel like this just proved my point; she is bonkers.
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  2. Again? LOLWTF

    Surprised they haven't fired her yet.
  3. Well............................................

    Best of luck in your future endeavors...
  4. I thought she was leaving for ADR anyway?

    Ah well...
  5. Man wtf Paige!..................Is she not realizing that this is the time to be in the ring if your a female wrestler
  6. Yeah. She's nuts, bro.
  7. She obviously didn't present her doctor's note when she got the substance. Don't know what's so hard for these guys to give it, if they've had it for so long.
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    I like Paige I think she is HOT and a very talented wrestler......Alberto got her head fuk'd up
  9. Can't Paige just request WWE to release her? Seems like she's intentionally letting her contract get terminated.
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  10. It's not like she was coming back anytime soon anyway.
  11. She was her last suspension was over already
  12. She needs neck surgery.
  13. Oh, I didn't hear anything about that.......
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  14. I don't get people like her, she is (was(past tense is necessary at this point)) regarded as one of the best in her profession working for the biggest company in the industry. Yet she wants to throw away what could be a very profitable career for dick and pills?...okeh...
  15. That's what I'm saying. She's seemed so lazy and content on being employed for the life that comes with being a WWE wrestler.
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  16. Ridiculous. She is probably on pain killers for her neck. WWE are such babies when it comes to the wellness policy
  17. Honestly didn't care the first time, don't care now. She is overrated. They have their top women and she likely doesn't care as much now because she isn't included in it.

    Asuka > Becky > Bliss > Charlotte > Bayley > Sasha > all the other women wrestlers in WWE > Paige > Eva

  18. Third strike and she gets cut
  19. Which is what she'll probably do once this suspension ends.
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