Paige worked Smackdown house show

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  1. It has been reported that Paige competed in a Smackdown house show last night. This comes after reports that WWE officials consider her ready for the main roster

    ^^^ Read this from another forum omg this is great news :emoji_slight_smile: I love Paige she really is something new and different and I hope she is put on the main roster soon like the start of the new year. Piage is really over with the fans from watching the reaction she gets on NXT. Anyone who doesnt know her you tube her name and NXT and see for yourself
  2. One of the stars you and the IWC both like. Looking forward to her being called up I guess.
  3. I have to ask Brock u rate Paige yet u rate Kelly Kelly also how? Surely u can see one is a talented wrestler and one wasn't?

    On topic :yes:
  4. She's pretty hot. She needs to debut immediately.
  5. Ok Cloud lets not start a war over Paige/Barbie. Both girls have talent and Barbie had huge success in WWE and so will Paige. Lets just leave that there

    Heres more information on the match Paige was in at this Smackdown house show

    3) Layla & Paige defeated Natalya & Aksana. Natalya came out first to mostly cheers, although she managed to get herself booed once the match started. Then, Aksana came out. Layla and Paige came out as a team and got a really nice reaction from the crowd. Layla started against Aksana and pretty much had her way with her. Layla incorporated some of her butt-based offense, much to the crowd's delight. Aksana begged off and went crawling to Natalya. Natalya tagged in but fared no better initially. Layla tagged in Paige, but Paige soon ran into trouble thanks to some double-team tactics behind the referee's back. Natalya worked over Paige for a while. Finally, Paige got a hot tag to Layla. Layla cleaned house. Aksana came in, but Paige tripped her and pulled her out of the ring. Layla hit the Bombshell on Natalya and got the pin.
  6. Not trying to start a war lad jus wanna kno ur opinion on what u see in KK that I dont?

    Since we both agree Paige has talent.

    - WWE officials remain high on NXT Diva Paige with the feeling that she's ready to go. No word yet if she will be called up anytime soon.

    ^^^ Theres the news on WWE officials high on Paige

    Cloud - Barbie just had that it factor that made me take notice of her. She is beautiful, athletic, has a great personality, got the most reaction from the crowd, took risks in matches with her wrestling and used some of her gymnastic moves which really wowed me, she could work good on the mic and she was very marketable for WWE as she was the diva used most for all WWE promotions. She really could of been the future of the divas division but sadly she has other career plans and thats why she left. You may not see this but I do and i really loved her
  8. Fair enuf Brock i agree she had a good look and was huge marketable influence for the WWE. Thanks for ur post as i was genuinely interested in what u thought as thats half why i post here for others views an opinions. Plus repped.
  9. Its good to know theres some people about who wont start fights about my fav diva and understand why I like her. Thank you for being mature and for the rep x

    Heres a recent Paige match from NXT
  10. Great to know, I'm a big Paige fan and the sooner she's promoted the better.
  11. Indeed she is. :obama:
  12. +3 for Paige's hotness
  13. She has the face of a 12 year old.....well hear she's good, more talented divas is a good thing, so I hope to see her on television soon.
  14. Paige needs to be on that main roster right now the divas division is dying
  15. That's my girl. Paige doing her thing once again. But this time in a tag team match with Layla. Happy for her a million. Hopefully she will be called up soon so she can kick some diva ass.
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