Paige's first ever t shirt selling really well!

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. Paige's first ever t shirt selling really well according to the number 1 top sellers on WWE shop and also what Lana has tweeted. Yesssssss my girl's t shirt is selling out this just shows she will be the top diva in WWE move over AJ as Paige is the top girl now
  2. This thread feels more like a status....
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  3. People need t-shirts to clean their ball-sweat sometimes..
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  4. This is false. When new t-shirts are launched they always sell well for a short period of time. And the site lists "today's top sellers". So Paige's shirt sold well for one-two days. It does not mean she is a bigger merch seller than Punk, Cena, Bryan or Orton.
  5. You act as if this matters. Is she even on the main roster yet? No. It doesn't matter how her shirts sell.
  6. Lololololloololooloollololooloololololololololololol :letroll:
  7. What the hell is a t-shirt?
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  8. She's not the top woman because of a fucking t-shirt. K?
  9. Thats pretty cool if you ask me, she seems to have a decent following.
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  10. Her shirt actually looks decent. Id wear it if I was a chick.
  11. You are a chick. :lady:
  12. Paige is the first ever none main roster talent to get a t shirt and make it a top seller just shows she will make money and Vince loves that
  13. lolnope. The Acension's shirt was released a few hours prior to Paige's.
  14. It's going for the same price as Kelly Kelly's vagina.

    :pipebomb: tooo easy
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  15. How are they going to make any money giving them away?

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  16. All NXT t shirts went on sale at the same time when NXT arrival happened. Paige's t shirt has sold the most
  17. 1. No they didn't. 2. lol no.
  18. Paige will sell even more merch when shes on the main roster
  19. She aint going to get to the main roster.
  20. Its been reported she will be on the main roster soon
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