Spoiler Paige's next feud

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Mar 1, 2014.

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  1. ^^^ Looks like Paige vs Charlotte is gonna be the next feud. I totally forgot about Charlotte I think this is gonna be her taking the title off Paige and then Paige moves to the main roster
  2. Nah, career vs career match where Paige loses to Charlotte, then she gets a kayfabe prozzie gimmick where as a prozzie she eventually has to give a BJ to Vinnie Mac for free to get the job back.

    Then she wins the NXT Womens title and unifies it with the Divas title by beating AJ Lee with a Shining Wizard on the top rope in 1on1 over the top rope match!

  3. Lol AJ couldnt lace up Paige's boots
  4. Paige couldn't lick AJ's pussy, so I guess they're both with faults. :/
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  5. Piage is actually a classy woman and doesnt sleep around unlike AJ who does
  6. Piage may be a classy woman but Paige certainly isn't.
  7. [​IMG]

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  8. Paige vs. Unemployment or Paige vs. Deportation.
  9. Glad Flair is getting involved in this. But, Charlotte looks like a she-male, tbh.
  10. I predicted this when Charlotte was shown before the match at NXT. :true:
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  11. Ppl care about Diva's feuds? Let alone NXT Diva's feuds?

    Man that is a [​IMG]
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  12. Charlotte is not even ready herself for a title run, she's still learning her craft within Wrestling. I rather of seen a Sasha banks or Rae get a true feud with Paige.
  13. Serious question:

    Was this the first title match between Paige and Emma? If it was (and in many ways, it might as well have been, because most folks aren't fully aware of their feud), then there is no reason to believe they won't wrestle at least one or two more times for the title. In fact, with how good the match was and the popular response to ArRival, it honestly wouldn't shock me to see a Paige/Emma match at Mania. In fact, I can see that being one of the two NXT matches on the Mania card (I figure the other will be a Dallas/Neville rematch for the NXT Championship).

  14. I don't think trash should be talking about what class is.
  15. I wanna see an NXT Triple Threat for the Championship between Neville/Bo/Graves.
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  16. It looks like someone farted in Kelly Kellys eye.
  17. Pink eye?

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  18. Absolutely!
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  19. I just asked because I'd never fart in Kelly Kelly's eye. There's no telling what might jump off of her and onto my buttocks.

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