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  1. *Saturday Night Precision, the opening pyro goes off as the commentators welcome all the viewers at home to the show, they are cut off by Victor Sokolov's music.*

    *After a minute or so Victor doesn't appear. Suddenly, the titantron flickers to what seems like a camera set up in a dark room, there is a table with a demonic symbol on it and Victor Sokolov steps into view.*

    Victor: Pain.... everyone feels it everyday. Me... you sitting at home... and especially everyone on this show. However, have they felt the true feeling of pain? Where you just crumple up and collapse, never to be heard from again. Rhys Haze will feel pain when he is locked in a steel cage with me. *The crowd boo loudly, Victor reaches from behind the camera and pulls out a bag of some sorts, he reaches inside and takes out what seems to be a Voodoo doll of Rhys Haze.*

    Victor: This is your little hero, a puppet controlled by you all. *Victor grabs a knife from under the table and the crowd are in shock.* One... by one... they all fall down. *Slices off the voodoo dolls legs.* Leg by leg... *Slices off the voodoo dolls arms.* Arm by arm... *He fiercely cuts off the head of the voodoo doll.* All that will remain, is the corrupted mind of yours. You think that you can save yourself... there is nowhere to run... and nowhere to hide.

    *Victor reaches under the table again and pulls out a familiar tree log, the crowd are still in shock and continue to boo.*

    Victor: In order to officially erase you.... I have to destroy the vital parts, your soul and your will to continue. *He grabs the head and body and whacks them both with the tree trunk, the voodoo doll spurts a red liquid.* One by one... they all fall down. Rhys Haze, fear me, fear the devil.

    *Victor breaths red poison mist in the camera, sending the picture into a frenzy. The camera cuts out and the crowd are still in shock on how psychotic and crazy Victor has become.*

    Victor: *emerges from underneath the ring, and climbs in it, the steel cage is still raised above the ring.* Come on little hero... let's have a little chat.

    *Rhys Haze's music starts to play, Victor starts to laugh in the ring. The crowd are worried for Rhys's safety as he begins to walk out.*


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  2. Rhys walks to the top of the entrance ramp, taking slow and heavy deep breaths. The lights begin to brighten after Victor's freak show the crowd notice something in the hands of Rhys. Its a kendo stick! Rhys doesn't even come equipped with a microphone in hand as he stomps his way to the ring. There is no time for chit-chat today as these two rivals aim to destroy eachother.

    Rhys: *No audible speech can be heard apart from slight mumbles emitted through Victor's microphone. Rhys is pissed and is ranting to Victor about what he thinks of him. The two rivals are face to face, waiting for somebody to make a move. Rhys stands with his kendo stick wielded with two hands, Victor is seen skilfully spinning his stick 'Mr. Tree' around in an attempt to intimidate Rhys further. Rhys' courage is fading slightly after the flames in Victors stare burn harder than ever before. After taking some steps back in the ring, Rhys sees the head of the voodoo doll, the red mist still seeping out but it still seems to be somewhat intact. Rhys takes a knee to grab the head by its hair and chuckles at it then looks back at Victor. Without hesitation, Rhys throws the head into the air and smashes it with his kendo stick in the direction of Victor. However, Victors instincts forced him to dodge almost instantly. Now Victor chuckles at Rhys for failing another surprise attack.*

    Rhys: *Rhys stands awkwardly and jokingly shrugs. His voice is still inaudible but his lips read "Sorry not sorry" for the voodoo head. The atmosphere becomes less tense and calms down a little. The tension between the rivals is still present however. Rhys is out of options so he falls to his final plan, agree to a fair fight with Victor. He spins his kendo stick into the position of a knight holding a great sword preparing for battle. "Come on then!!" Rhys shouts which is picked up by the ringside microphones. Victor disrespects this action of Rhys and goes to smash him with Mr. Tree. Rhys ducks under this log and then super-kicks the log in an attempt to break it in half. The log stays solid but slips from the hands of the Devil and rolls outside of the ring. As Rhys recovers from this kick Victor pulls the kendo stick from Rhys' hands and throws it out of the ring. The ring is now weapon free and the two fighters stare at eachother as they calm down once again. They know they have a match coming down when they both look up to the steel cage. The ref slides into the ring to get this match started for real before the two competitors destroy eachother before the bell has even sounded.*

    The steel cage now lowers with the two in the ring. With no weapons in the ring, this looks like a fair fight. Who's going to escape this cage? The hero, or the devil? The crowd tonight are still unsure of Rhys' mental state after not hearing a clear word from him before the match.


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