Politics Palestine vs Israel. Who's to blame?

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by Green Jesus, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. As the title says, I would like for some of you to weight-in on this issue and clarify your positions regarding this conflict. If possible talk about Hamas, israel's allegations of human shielding from palestine and your opinions on US involvement and the core issues with these wars.

    I personally am trying to keep an open-mind about this, it's not a issue highly debated in my country and I'm trying to educate myself on this. Any help discussing it would be appreciated.
  2. Honestly, I don't know. If I was down there myself, I could make my own opinion about the matter, but I can't trust media or news about this. I cannot be 100% sure that something "reported" over there is true or false all the time, or it's just made up to make the other look bad and for us to be manipulated to siding with one.
  3. I say we turn that entire region into a mushroom cloud. Fuck em all.
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  4. The palestinians were there long before the Israeli's, the Israeli's should be retreating further back, but instead they take more and more of the land. If it was the other way around there'd be outcry and sanctions, but because Israel is in bed with the US it's overlooked.
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  5. Always the fucking Jews.
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  6. That's the most american thing I have ever read you saying on this forum
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  7. Sorta on topic, but it would be great if the U.S. could stop supporting Israel.
  8. The Jews of course. They build illegal settlements, and want more land. It's like asking whose to blame, the Native Americans or the Europeans?
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  9. It's been the Jewish land long before muslims arrived in 7th century. History is fun. “Palestinian” as a nationality doesn't really exist, it's an artificial cosntruct manufactured for propaganda purposes. “Palestinian” is a marketing term. Palestine has always been the name of the region, Romans named it that way to cut Jewish ties with history. There never was a country named Palestine. History, supported by archeology, shows a Jewish presence in present day Israel dating back over 3000 years.
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  10. Are you looking to try and untangle the whole godawful mess or just pick up from the US increasing their involvement post-WWII?
  11. But their presence in the area shrunk over time. That isn't because the Arabs were taking over, but because they were emigrating.

    And I think there's more of a problem with how Israel conducts itself within the area, than there is a problem with them being there. Just look at the maps, Israel is illegally occupying the land that was split.

    Not to mention that the 1948 creation/partition of land was brutally unfair. I would get that Israel will get a larger chunk of land, since they were there from beforehand. But Palestine was split into 3 territories, and each was sectioned off from the other, and Israel controlled most of the shores.
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