Pan's Labyrinth

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Mainstream87, Jul 28, 2012.

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  1. Anyone ever seen it? Def one of my fav movies of alltime.
  2. Can't say I have. :sheldor: doesn't suggest it [​IMG]
  3. I would highly reccomend it. :emoji_grin:
  4. I'd recommend it too.
  5. Pan is the demon god of child rape and sodomy. Do your reading, fucked up movie for kids. Well done, but fucked up. :xanth:
  6. I'll have to check it out and add it to a list of movies that need to be watched.

    Have you seen Christopher Nolan's "Memento"? That movie is legit and clever as shit. (Rhyme an awesome but unintended thing)
  7. Another amazing movie. :otunga:
  8. Yeah that movie is awesome. I also think it is one of my favourites. :emoji_grin:
  9. I've seen that movie! Lol man that movie's so freaky but so memorable!
  10. I feel this should just turn into a movie thread...or that someone should create a movie thread.

    But what about the movie Se7en? That movie is fucked up and totally awesome.
  11. Yeah I heard bout that movie! But I never watched it :downer:
  12. Never seen it before :((
  13. I just saw it like a month ago since it was on sale for 7 bucks at Best Buy. I really recommend it. Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman are detectives working on a case of a murderer who commits crimes based on the seven deadly sins. Real creepy atmosphere, but good work from both lead actors.
  14. YEAH I REMEMBER THAT MOVIE! Now I'm going to go watch it!
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  15. I really need to see that movie, i hear its pretty much what Saw ripped off of hah.
  16. Saw got more brutal and crazy as it progressed, but its got the same vibe as the first Saw when it comes to like...a moral of the story I guess.

    What is Pan's Labyrinth about anyway? I never actually knew.

    Also, I've never seen Donnie Darko and I hear I should.
  17. Its mainly about a little girl who travels to a fantasy underworld realm during the spanish war in the 1940s, where she is believed to be the princess by the underground creatures. In order to know for sure they give her like 3 crazy trials to see if she really is the true form.
  18. That sounds like the most bizarre movie. Then again, I like movies that are out there so I'll see if its on Netflix.
  19. I'd just watch it on YT since it would be on there.
  20. It's like a dark narnia sorta. Amazing movie.
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