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  1. Anyone else have/had issues with this?

    I used to suffer from it pretty badly, I have a very loud boiler and I would always think it was someone breaking in and my Anxiety didn't help where I would be in the house myself and I would lock myself in my room and not leave it for anything until someone else for in the house with me, I would also be afraid to leave the house myself being convinced someone was out there to get me and if someone was walking the same route as me for a while I would just sprint away somewhere.
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  2. Not paranoia but do get really bad anxiety attacks sometimes.
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  3. I don't have paranoia, paranoia has Black Jesusia
  4. Me. I fear for my absolute life. If I'm home alone, and I hear one noise, I get so afraid that someone has broken into my house and is going to try to kill me. I don't ever want to drive because I fear of crashing. I don't like to swim because of drowning. I am scared to death by bugs and animals. I can't stand heights. I hate being anywhere alone with other people I don't know. When I walk home from school, I was always make sure to take my ID off so nobody sees my name and tries to come after me.

    I really think it was my kidnapping that caused me to be so paranoid and fearful for my life.
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  5. One time I ate too many shrooms. Was paranoid for a good 3 hours, and for about a week it messed with me. Outside of that not really, but when I was a kid I thought ghosts were going to get me and stuff. Always ran up the stairs quick as hell.
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  6. I always have, and always will be terrified of getting, and let me make this clear, the DISEASE Aids. When I was a kid in the late eighties there was a ton of campaigns on TV and in print warning everyone about it. I've been so paranoid that the only person I've ever had sex with without protection is my wife.
  7. What? I figured you were dressed to your wits in denim in the 80's slaying broads.
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  8. Good because you already have me baby.

    I get paranoid as hell late at night reading conspiracy stuff as well as murder mysteries - especially with the book i was reading. I drink a gallon+ daily so at night im taking bathroom breaks up to twice an hour. Oh well, makes for a cheap laugh when you flick all the lights on and realize it's just your eyes playing tricks on you.
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  9. ^ LOL you probably like "Fuck this, not sleeping till the sun comes up"
  10. In the eighties I was in the age range 0-5 lol.
  11. did it the last two days TBH. My dog was snoring her balls off and once i went to the bathroom and freaked out at 2am, I was wide awake.
  12. If you feel like you have serious issues with paranoia that are affecting your daily life, then you need to research what it is, and get to know yourself. I know it sounds stupid but if you know everything about paranoia, and everything about how you think about things and how your brain operates, it becomes easier to deal with. Paranoia is like anger, it's something we all deal with at times, but some people more than others. If it's seriously affecting you then you need to deal with it, because it can be detrimental to your mental health. Paranoia is heavily linked with anxiety, and anxiety issues can lead to serious mental health issues. Anxiety is something you should be speaking to a doctor about if you think you have it in excessive amounts - again, we all deal with anxiety - and sometimes you'll need therapy and medication to deal with it.

    See the signs, know yourself, know the problem, and deal with it. The literal way to deal with paranoia is knowing yourself to the point where you can simply say "this isn't happening, I'm being paranoid again".
  13. Damn it, I always think you're so much older than me. I was born in the 80's as well. Anyways, good job staying clear of aids. That's a legitimate thing to be paranoid about
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  14. I just turned 30 last week dude, lol.
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  15. Happy belated birthday :obama: May the force be with you
  16. And also with you

  17. Can not speak to your doctor if you think they will section you under the mental health act, and that did happen to my best friend. I would rather just suffer on through the bad spells, 80% of the time i am ok.
  18. I'm pretty smart up in this area, and you will not get you sectioned under the mental health act for seeking help with these issues. If people were sectioned because of paranoia alone, then everyone would be sectioned. My sister was sectioned 6 months ago (currently in rest bite) and I know for a fact doctors, social workers, community psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists, and other professionals there to help you try their best to keep you OUT of mental institutions. Normally you're sectioned when you start becoming a danger to yourself or others, or that a functioning normal life is simply impossible and you're struggling to deal with it.
  19. Ok maybe a bit of an exaggeration,but they got sectioned for getting a bit more crazier later on, they were at that point a danger, but it was a very short escalation and thin line from when they first saw the pros, but it has always put me off, plus the last time i saw a gp they refused me sleeping piils, as according to their records i had shown an addictive trait/personality??

  20. My last part was rushed and i can explain better when i am not gassed.

    A serious question though, when was/is your experience from? My brief introduction to the world of mental health was before the NHS cutbacks (2006/2007) and it seemed all the doctors presumed was you wanted to be signed of sick and the basically did it if you showed any symptoms.
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