Parental thread 1: The Wiggles

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Senhor Perfect, Aug 20, 2014.

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  1. I think might make these threads for all the parents out there every once in a while. I wanna start with the Wiggles. Do your kids listen to them like mine do? At first I thought oh no, a kids music group, this is going to suck. However, at the risk of sounding strange, I like them. They're damn songs are catchy and watching my kids enjoy them helps a lot. Keep in mind I mean the new wiggles with the chick, not the old wiggles with the creepy looking guys. Thoughts? Have I made myself an outcast by making this thread? Here's some samples.

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  2. Senhor why.
  3. You're 12 this doesn't concern you.
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  4. I'm somewhere between 42 and a half and 19/1
  5. Never heard of em
  6. The old Wiggles were cool ok.:tough:
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  7. Seriously Trip... I'm so disappointed in you right now man.

    The Wiggles are a parent's best friend from ages 4 to around 6 or 7.. then kids get bored of them lol

    I've heard enough of them to last a lifetime.
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  8. Fruit salad, yummy yummy
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  9. HAHA
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  10. Jeff was my favorite
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  11. Jeff was a troublemaker.. always falling asleep lol

    There were so many songs about him..
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  12. :phew: some support
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  13. My 15 month old Ashley likes them more than my 8 year old does. She does the motions to Rock a bye bear.
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  14. For a second I was like :facepalm: Before I saw that you said 15 months not 15 years.
  15. I'm always piiii-icking flowers. Doo wooo.

    Loved that song. Deal with it if you don't know what I'm saying.
  16. This doesn't really concern me, but they were pretty cringe worthy back then. Not sure about now.
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  17. So metal
    Much moshing
  18. I prefer hardcore gansta rap and death metal... so I loved these guys :bodallas:
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