Kayfabe Part 3: Young speaks out about Feast or Fired.

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*The music for Chris Young starts to play and a “welcome back” chant from the crowd starts, The changed Young walks out to the ring wearing jeans and his jacket over a black t-shirt like a man on a mission and as he enters he is handed a microphone, He attempts to speak and the mic does not work he tosses it out of the ring and request a new one, A Member of the ring crew hands him a new microphone, Chris walks around the ring like he is thinking about what he is going to say.*

Chris Young: You know over the past last year I have started to develop some trust issues and maybe you know what I’m talking about when you have your best pals and teammates walk out and stab you in the back leaving you out high and dry for another company or maybe it was the guys in the front office who I thought were my pals making me a joke for the sake of good television.
Alright, Maybe it was nothing,Maybe it was me realizing what everyone had told me that this is just how the business is and that the only person Chris Young can trust is Chris Jones!
So if haven't made myself clear, I’m with no one,

*Chris Stops and walks back and forth in the ring rubs the lower half of his face and clears his throat the camera switches to a face shot of Young.*

Chris Young: I Get it your perception of me have changed I understand that because my perception of this business has changed, But make no mistake about it, I'm Better than the best in the world , I'm am The Amazing Chris Young!
Although I love what I do in this ring…..

*A “Chris Young” Chant can be heard lightly in the arena and Chris stops and looks around with a still face as if the crowd was quiet, He turns to the main camera*

Chris Young: although I love what I do in this ring I have to understand that this is just a job, The spot that everyone thinks it may be you know where I'm coming from, Maybe you can relate?

*The crowd starts to chant yes.*

Chris Young: So you had that job, You had that just plain sucks it doesn't matter if you're driving a truck, You're a pencil pusher for some big company at one point sometime or another you been shafted by upper management when you’re the hardest worker in the building.
And for what, I have realized over the past six months that I deserve better, Hey boss I deserve better!, Hey M.bookerman I deserve better That new direction you were taking did not go anywhere!

*The Crowd is behind Chris more than ever as he stops for a moment, With a half smile sneaking on his still face.*

Chris Young: And now I been told that I’m facing Luis Alvarado like it matters,These people need me in the Heavyweight Division and if beating you for the Intercontinental Championship is the first move you're gonna need a grave boy.and when you fall down on your knees Beg for mercy, me please The time has come to make things right, I’m going to do my job and I tell you why. Because the Intercontinental Division doesn't need Chris Young, like I said before it's the Heavyweight Division. Someone to knock off Lukey and Blake, So as far as competition goes, Competition is my life. That's, what I do for a living. You know what? Competition starts at Feast or Fired!

*Chris Lightly smiles as he drops the mic and walks out after kicking the mic out of the ring, As he is walking out he pushes the cameraman out of the way, He stops on the stage and looks back at the ring to only shake his head and he heads backstage.*

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