Part of the reason why midcard championship prestige goes down

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  1. One of the reason why I think the championship for midcard championship titles go down is because two world championships. The WWE Championship is the most prestigest championship in WWE. The World Heavyweight championship comes second. The World Heavyweight championship took the Intercontinental championship's spot in being the second prestigest championship in WWE, then there's the United States championship. Before it was Three championships that were main singles, The WWE championship, Intercontinental championship, and the European championship. Now that there are four, it goes WWE championship, World Heavyweight championship, Intercontinental championship, and United States championship. The midcard championships get dropped lower because World Heavyweight championship took the second prestige championship in WWE. I think if they merge the World championships together, then that would help bring up prestige for the midcard championships a lot. Other championships like, Light Heavyweight and Tag Team championships didn't really interfere because they were for a special group of people, not like the other championships.
  2. I understand what you mean. we used to see loads of top names go for what is now the midcard title, but i think it could be rectified without having to get rid of a major title. wwe just needs to take a risk and put the US or IC belt on one of the main guys and have them feud with an popular midcarder. not only will it help bring the prestige back to those titles, but it will help put over talented guys.. imagine a HHH (ic champion) vs A-ry or Ambrose and HHH puts them over!

    WWE wouldn't do that though :/
  3. Yeah, but it's almost not going to happen for the fact they can just slap the second world title on them and can be called world champions without needing all the prestige. It would help, but it's something I can't see WWE doing.
  4. I agree with Bork.

    It's time to drop it down to one major world title. In order for the two world titles to be as prestigious as they need to be, you would have to maintain an absolute brand split (including separate PPV's...even Mania, Rumble, Summerslam, and Survivor Series). The initial plan was for this to happen, for the two shows to be run completely separate with the odd "invasion" angle occurring every now and again. When WWE bought WCW, WWE had plans to maintain Starrcade, Great American Bash, etc., as separate WCW PPV's. WCW would have been a completely separate entity under the banner of WWE, but Vince became convinced that WCW couldn't function without Stone Cold, Kurt Angle, The Rock, etc. (and he might have been right, considering none of the WCW truly top names came with the purchase of the company, as their contracts were with Turner directly, not WCW, leaving a few of the rising names in WCW (Booker T chief among them) but leaving out names like Goldberg, Nash, Sting, Hogan, etc.). Then, WCW would have been run by Shane and Stephanie, with WWE continuing with the WWE and Intercontinental Championships (I think they still had the European title back then) and the WCW Championship, US Title, WCW TV Title, etc., being defended on WCW.

    But that whole angle went tits-up. It's really too bad. I think it would have been a great one.

    As for now, I think they should unify the WWE and WHC titles under the WWE Championship banner, consuming the World Heavyweight Championship history under that name. Have the IC title be an upper-mid card title and the US title be a strict mid-card title. The "divisions" would break down something like this:

    WWE Title - Cena, Punk, Sheamus, ADR, Bryan, Orton

    IC Title - Ziggler, Jericho, Rhodes, Miz, Mysterio, Santino, Christian

    US Title - Ryback, Clay, Sandow, Cesaro, Ryder

    In order for this to work, there would be some guys who were on the border going back-and-forth between WWE Title and IC Title "divisions" (Ziggler, Jericho, Punk, Bryan). There would also be some guys who would definitely be borderline between the US and IC Title "divisions". This idea would create a clear delineation between levels of talent and also give guys a place to prove themselves (particularly the IC Title scene) and also get the rub from more experienced guys without putting them in the main event scene.

    Please note that the guys I list are really for comparison purposes and as of 20 August 2012. It's not necessarily where I think they should be based on talent. It's more where I see their characters as being as of that date.

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  5. Yup, it's true. The midcard titles aren't that valuable because the World title is the second one and with this "brand split" it feels really weird. They should either separate the brands completely or unify them at one as WK said.
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  6. What would smackdown do without its major title?
  7. WWE Title - Cena, Punk, Sheamus, ADR, Bryan, Orton

    IC Title - Ziggler, Jericho, Rhodes, Miz, Mysterio, Santino, Christian

    US Title - Ryback, Clay, Sandow, Cesaro, Ryder

    Funny how 10 years ago, barely any of these guys would get past even mid card.

    Talent is there,but they lack STAR POWER
  8. That's the thing, either we have Raw/SD completely separate with 2 World Titles or just make everything just one show. This limbo state between that two that we're on is not that good.
  9. The star power could be there if wrestling enjoyed the popularity society-wide that it did in the Attitude Era. Unfortunately for those guys (and a lot of people would say the fans), wrestling enjoys lower mainstream popularity than MMA. Thus, the attempt to "legitimize" the image of WWE by promoting guys who are more realistic MMA-style fighters and technical wrestlers (Lesnar, Punk, Bryan) rather than bodybuilders, although we do still get the bodybuilders because Vince loves bodybuilder-types; hence, we still get Cena, Orton, and Sheamus.

    In order to have that star power again, wrestling's going to have to undergo a major popularity growth.

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