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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. If you were currently running WWE - Who would hold each title?
    Pick who you would have & explain why.

    WWE Championship :
    World Heavy-Weight Championship :
    United States Championship :
    Intercontinental Championship :
    Tag Team Championships :
    Divas Championship :
  2. WWE Championship : Daniel Bryan - he's too hot currently not to hold literally everyone loves him.
    World Heavy-Weight Championship : John Cena - Sounds stupid but hear me out, having Cena hold this bumps it's cred up a lot. Let him hold it until Summerslam before dropping it clean to ZigZag.
    United States Championship : Rollins - Capable of having the best matches in the shield.
    Intercontinental Championship : Orton it'll boost the title immensely.
    Tag Team Championships : Reigns and Ambrose, both need to improve in ring this way you kind hide Ambrose's pacing issues by having him work the face over slowly whilst Roman hits the big spots.
    Divas Championship : AJ
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  3. WWE Championship : DB
    World Heavy-Weight Championship : DZ
    United States Championship : Ambrose
    Intercontinental Championship : Axel (yeah, shut up!)
    Tag Team Championships : PTP
    Divas Championship : AJ
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  4. I like all your choices. :obama:
  5. WWE Championship : Daniel Bryan
    World Heavy-Weight Championship : Daniel Bryan
    United States Championship : Daniel Bryan
    Intercontinental Championship : Daniel Bryan
    Tag Team Championships : Team YES!: Daniel Bryan and Daniel Bryan
    Divas Championship : Daniel Bryan
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  6. Oooooo a cool thread.

    WWE Championship : Daniel Bryan for sure.
    World Heavy-Weight Championship : This one's tough. I'll go with Sandow just because of the mark I am. He's great all round, and I'd love to see him in the main event.
    United States Championship : Roman Reigns, dat spear
    Intercontinental Championship : Orton heel.
    Tag Team Championships : Curt Hawkins and someone else from NXT, I'd like to see a new team spring from NXT.
    Divas Championship : Eh, AJ I suppose.
  7. WWE Championshio: Daniel Bryan. I guess there should be no explanation. The guy is more over than anyone else.
    WHC: Ziggler. He's over with smarks. Always puts a hell of a match.
    USA: Jericho. He could make the title prestigious once again and then out someone over.
    IC: Rhodes. The title actually cared during his reign. He has the potential to become a main eventer. He just needs a damn push.
    TG: Neville and Generico. (I'd have hired Generico before) How awesome would be this two together? BRAiNBUSTAHhHH
    Divas: AJ. Should be care about the Divas division? Yes. Who's the most important diva ATM? Aj. I would have booked a hell of a feud in the RTWM between AJ and Kaitlyn. Leading to a great match between both girls (Just like Taryn and Kim) then, AJ would have turned face again. Eve would have came back and have a feud with AJ.

    Other feuds:

    Lesnar vs Punk vs Axel

    Cena, HHH and Sheamus vs Shield

    Orton (Heel) vs Miz.

    Ryder vs Fandango [Just wondering if that would be cool]
  8. WWE: Daniel Bryan, is there a explanation needed?
    WHC: Barrett, such a great wrestler all-round, he even has traits about him that would usually have Vince creaming.
    I.C: Dean Ambrose, his involvement in The Shield has made him hot property, the I.C belt could gain some prestige from this situation.
    U.S: Antonio Cesaro, that guy was doing "magnificent" work it with until he lost the belt.
    Tag Team: Reigns and Rollins: Keep that Shield hyyype y'all!
    Divas: AJ Lee, she's over at the moment, might as well have the fucking divas division actually benefit from it.
  9. WWE Championship : Daniel Bryan
    World Heavy-Weight Championship : Unified in a match ^
    United States Championship : Sandow
    Intercontinental Championship : Ambrose
    Tag Team Championships : Shield
    Divas Championship : Layla
  10. Dear Vince,

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  11. Dear Vince,

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  12. WWE Championship : DANIEL BRYAN!
    World Heavy-Weight Championship : Y2J
    United States Championship : Ambrose
    Intercontinental Championship : Cody Rhodes again
    Tag Team Championships : The Shield
    Divas Championship : AJ LEE, she looks young for a lot of you but she's probably the best diva WWE has at this moment
  13. This may get hate but bear with me. First Punk needs to come back and regain the WWE title next Bryan needs to defeat DZ and win the WHC title

    Now they feud before Bryan unifies the belts.

    In the mean time DZ stays strong and becomes number one contender fir the unified belts Punk loses the rematch DZ gets his shot both lose and hate it to set up a triple threat match of Punk, Bryan and DZ.

    At which point I spontaneously combust in happiness.
  14. WWE Championship : John Cena

    It's been a long time since Cena has held the belt and I think to maintain him as the top guy he needs to have it for a while before dropping it again. So at this point and time Cena should have the belt.

    World Heavyweight Championship : Antonio Cesaro

    He's a great wrestler who's shown improvement on the mic. If there was one person who should be getting a big push I think he would be the best guy since he has hung around in the company for a while. I think in the main event picture he would be great.

    United States Championship : Jack Swagger

    Although I do like Ambrose as the champion I think Swagger would be more of a fit than ever for the United States Champion. It blends so well that it would be a terrible thing for him not to hold that belt. I do think Ambrose deserves it, but Swagger needs it right now. He has a good persona, but he's not going anywhere with the World Heavyweight Championship because I'm sure they're not going to let Ziggler drop the belt just yet. With Ambrose I feel the belt is getting Ambrose more over than he needs to. I think without the belt Ambrose is more over than we think because The Shield is highly popular on it's own with all those wins.

    Intercontinental Championship : Wade Barrett

    He doesn't need another losing streak. He was at the top in 2010, but then that faded really fast. It would be a waste if he were to fall into obscurity by losing the Intercontinental Title. I think having the belt builds him back up, so he can go back to the main event picture where he once was.

    Tag Team Championships : The Usos

    Best tag team on the roster for years and they have not held the belts once.

    Divas Championship : AJ

    I don't see anyone else garnering attention to that division except AJ at this point and it's a sad thing, but putting her at the head of that division would be a service to the division as a whole since she is arguably the most popular diva today.
  15. WWE Championship : Daniel Bryan
    World Heavy-Weight Championship : Dolph Ziggler
    United States Championship : Antonio Cesaro
    Intercontinental Championship : Randy Orton
    Tag Team Championships : Shield
    Divas Championship : Stephanie McMahon
  16. WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan​
    World Heavy-Weight Championship: Mark Henry​
    Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho​
    United States Championship: Jack Swagger​
    Tag Team Championships: Celtic Vipers​
    Divas Championship: Don't care​

    I'm not enjoying The Shield with their titles at all. If they're going to fight individually or as a pair then do it when the group have fully split up. They were so badass when they just went after random people. The belts have ruined the group for me.​
  17. WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan
    World Heavy-Weight Championship: Dolph Ziggler
    United States Championship: Dean Ambrose
    Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho
    Tag Team Championships: Wyatt Family
    Divas Championship: Michael Cole
  18. wwe champ bryan
    Whc cena
    Intercontinental champ damien sandow
    Us ambrose
    Tag team ptp with aw
    Diva ermmm go with aj
  19. WWE: Daniel Bryan
    World Heavyweight: Dolph Ziggler
    IC: Chris Jericho
    Us: Dean Ambrose
    Tag: Rhodes Scholars
    Divas: Aj
  20. WWE Champ: I really want to go out of left field and say someone else... but dammit all. It's gotta be Bryan!
    Tag Champs: They're fine just as they are. The Shield are going to be great champions.
    Divas': I'd go ahead and move it over to AJ for the time being JUST to transition it over to Emma. :dawg:

    Rest of the belts should just be scrapped.
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