Past Superstars Who Deserved a Better Push

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  1. Who are some wrestlers from the past who didn't get the push they deserved?
  2. Funaki - Main Event
  3. Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior
  4. Monty Brown, DDP, Taka Michinoku.
  5. Corporal kirchner!

    TL Hopper
    The Goon!
  6. Mr. Perfect.
  7. Billy Gunn, Mr. Perfect
  8. Doink the Clown
  9. What Tommyspud said, Taka Minchinokou was incredible in the ring. I only think he got as far as winning the light heavyweight championship. The guy was at least eligible for IC title, certainly more than some of the guys who had it during that period.

    Umaga also deserved a push. He was one of those big guys that could move around in the ring and could have been a real top heel, bigger than the big show. Instead they fed him to Super Cena :sad1:
  10. Curt Hennig, Owen Hart, and.....

    The Shockmaster! :otunga:
  11. scotty 2 hotty.
  12. The Viking! "Husk"
  13. Crush in 1993 in his Hawaiian gimmick, a push to win the WWE Championship.
    Sid Justice in 1992 before politics got in the way.
    Owen Hart in 1998 when his family was not with the company.
    Ahmed Johnson in 1997.
    Vader in 1992 same with Sid.
    Mr.Perfect in 1993 as well.
    Razor Ramon in 1995.
    Carlito in 2007.
    British Bulldog in 1995 as well.
    Mankind in 1999 for a longer time period.
    Y2J in 2000 if it was not for politics.
    The Undertaker in 2001 and 2003.
    Big Show in 2004.
  14. Mr Perfect,Billy Gunn,Road Dogg, Xpac,Vader
  15. Hardcore Holly!

    Tazz (but I accept that was mainly due to his mounting injuries)

    Lashley yes he was ECW champ but it was a feeder belt imo and didnt mean to much in the WWE.
  16. Scott Hall = world champion from 94-02 would have been fine imo.
  17. Christian in 2004.
    Chris Jericho had to be main eventer more years ago.
    Wade Barrett, he should he won WHC in SmackDown in 2011.
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