Patriots vs 49ers

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Travis, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. I love the 49ers and have been watching them all season long what do you think will be the outcome of Sunday nights game when the best offense in the Nfl vs the Best defense in the Nfl faceoff
  2. Pats will win, and it will be a good game. Good game for betting on if you're name is D'sZ
  3. I just put the 9ers in a teaser at +10.5. Line is down to 4.5.. not sure I would play that either way. If it moves back to 5.5 or 6 I'd roll SF
  4. If the 49ers play like they played against the rams they will lose.
  5. Pats are winning this.
  6. I cant wait to see how Collin Kaepernick does.
  7. Let's go SF 49ers!
  8. Patriots win this because the last time a really good team played the 49ers they got smacked by the giants.
  9. Lol no they didnt.


    They did get smacked though
  10. Hell yes 49ers win probably the most exciting game in NFL this season

    lol at Brady he threw 34-65
  11. I hope SF makes it to the super bowl over the falcons.
  12. Falcons lmfao. 0% chance they make the SB

    As for last night's game... I was more impressed by what NE did strangely enough. They looked like shit and kicked it into gear once Brady got pissed off. NE played like shit and was still in the game late. They are scary.
  13. I can't even honestly say for certain who will represent the nfc. It changes every other week. Hot teams right now are the Pack (no o-line or running game) SF ( QB is still Kapernick/ still have kyle williams) Falcons are great but they had a cake schedule ( every year get whooped in the playoffs)
  14. Not to mention If ATL gets homefield advantage, they do work at home.
  15. It will most likely be the patriots going to the superbowl im undecided on who else.
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