Pauk Heyman says WWE star is destined for greatness

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. Wyatt ftw
  2. Wyatt with Heyman as his manager? I don't think my heart could handle all that marking
  3. Wyatt ftw
  4. :hmm: Future World Champion we have in the making?
  5. :fap: I couldn't handle Wyatt and Heyman together, too much greatness.
  6. Not sure I'd want that. I like Wyatt being a free spirit and doing whatever the fuck he wants. He doesn't need help on the mic either.
  7. Husky Harris' name is 'Wyatt' now? and people think he's awesome?

    lol, interesting
  8. The gimmick is so out there its really enjoyable. Check it out on NXT DZ.
  9. :dawg:
  10. Not sure why you refuse to watch NXT.

    Anyway, Wyatt is fucking awesome
  11. Or at least look at some of his promos here.

  12. Because it doesn't matter. If someone is good on NXT for long enough they will move to Raw or SD where I might decide to give a damn about them.

    Also if WWE doesn't care enough to put a show on TV I'm not going to care enough to watch it on my computer.
  13. I really enjoy watching Wyatt with his new gimmick, his promos are incredible. His matches are different and interesting as well. I don't think he should have Heyman as his manager though.
  14. He seems really awesome
  15. Wait a second, who's Pauk Heyman then?


    Oh and I watched Wyatt on FCW, he was pretty good, and completely into his character. It was very interesting.
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