Paul Bearer’s Family Signs Off On CM Punk Urn Storyline!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. In recent weeks, we’ve seen deceased WWE manager Paul Bearer’s urn incorporated into storylines and used in CM Punk’s WrestleMania 29 feud with The Undertaker.

    CM Punk has been pushing the envelope with the the memory of Paul Bearer, interrupting The Undertaker’s tribute to him, implying that the urn contains Paul Bearer’s ashes, impersonating Paul Bearer’s voice and even dropping the urn on the floor while tossing it around.

    According to, everything we’ve seen in recent weeks since Paul Bearer’s passing has been approved by his family. WWE’s creative team approached Paul’s family immediately after his passing and asked for permission to incorporate Bearer into the Punk-Taker storyline.
    Paul Bearer’s son Michael told that the family had no problem signing off on the idea, because they know he’d appreciate being part of a storyline from the afterlife:

    “We felt that dad would have wanted us at RAW last week and agreed to the angle … We knew Dad wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.”


    So to all the dicks that have been saying BS about CM Punk! CAN NOW :stfu: !​
  2. That's great.
  3. Well, his family agreed, so why should I have a problem with that?
  4. No-one should blame Punk either way, he's a character in a show. Anyway good to see the family have an understanding of the buisness.
  5. One of his sons is a wrestler...
  6. Well, it's just an urn after all... It's not like his real ashes lie in it.
  7. So?
  8. That's why they understand the business.
  9. Ah true say brother :dawg:
  10. I'm glad to see you understand now, as opposed to the other topic in which you flamed me for trying to explain this to you.
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  11. Yeah. I apologize to you, bro!
  12. I still blame CM Chump.
  13. :stfu:
  14. You wish that was true.
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  15. Fully expected as such. Hey, the best way to honor the guy is to honor him with what he loved.
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