News Paul Bearer in next years HOF

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  2. I think everyone figured this one. I don't see the Undertaker breaking character to induct him though. But a couple of things pop into mind: 1) he just did a motorcycle commercial where he was more his real personality (American Bad Ass) than the Phenom, even though he didn't speak a word, and 2) they were gonna use the real life footage of the confrontation between him and Brock back from the UFC show in October 2010 to hype up their match for WM27 but then the match didn't happen (he was obviously out of character then, too.)

    They'll still probably have Kane do it. I wonder if Taker will get involved somehow though, like after Kane's induction speech, the lights going off with Taker saying "Rest In Peace, Paul" heard throughout the entire building with him pretending to be in character, corny as that night sound.
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  3. Cool, I s'pose.
  4. That would be great tbh.
  5. What Kevin said I think. They can have Kane or Hayes do the induction but then a short message from Taker.
  6. I've always wondered but does "PS" in Michael PS Hayes' name stand for piecea shit?
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  7. :hmm: Always thought is was "Penis Sucker"
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  8. IT NOT THAT HARDED TO DO! All that have to do is have Undertaker come up with his gear onand that trun light out with when his theme go off and then the light go on and Taker is there in undertaker gear and then on the mic he just talk like a deadman. also beings the urn with him place it on a table. and talk about his career with Paul Bearer and that at the end he give repect 1 more time to Paul by neely at the urn. And then the light go out and taker is not there anymore when the light come on.
  9. Btw, you can bet that the Ultimate Warrior will go in next year as the main event Hall Of Famer. He is on good terms with the company again as he worked with them again during the Wrestlemania 29 weekend. Just an assumption on my part, but probably an accurate one.
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  11. I think he deserves to be there, he was a really good manager, one of the greatest of all times imo. It's sad that he can't be there... Rest In Peace Paul
  12. Savage said when he was alive that he never wanted to go into the HOF unless his dad was put in as well. Now Lanny Poffo/The Genius (his brother) is saying the same thing - that he doesn't want his bro inducted unless their father is put in with him. Also consider that Vince has an issue with Savage from the past and likely still holds a grudge against him, even with Savage six feet in the ground.

    Warrior still deserves to be in the HOF. His role in WWE is about the same in impact as Savage's. He was huge in his day, considered to be the successor to Hogan's throne and had one of the most talked about Wrestlemania main events ever to this day.