Paul Heyman claims as of 2010 TNA had lost 70-90 million

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  1. Paul Heyman said on Steve Austin's podcast (Part 2) that when he was negotiating to be President of TNA in 2010, it was indicated to him by people in the office that TNA had lost 70-90 million, and he hinted that he'd heard of them losing 7-8 million in a month.

    ^^^ You all critisize me on bashing TNA but this is straight from Paul Heyman that just shows TNA is in trouble and should close down i cant imagine how much they have lost now its 2014
  2. He 'heard' he didn't provide evidence- just like you....
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  3. candy for breakfast?!??!
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  4. No source, closed. :tough:
  5. To be honest, the source was stated, it's just not proven. Anybody can listen to that right now and verify it though.
  6. Until then it remains closed!!!! Respect my authoritah!!! :xanth: