Paul Heyman & CM Punk Teasing Something Big!?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, May 29, 2012.

  1. Paul Heyman has been getting some buzz on Twitter today, including some cryptic responses from WWE Champion CM Punk. Heyman tweeted on Tuesday afternoon, “It’s going to be one wild F’n year!”

    Shortly after, WWE Champion CM Punk responded to the tweet by saying, “They have NO idea.” When asked by a fan if they could have a “clue” about what Paul Heyman and CM Punk were talking about, to which Punk replied, “Colonel Mustard.Conservatory.Pipe.” – a reference to the board game Clue.

    Punk was asked by another fan, “@CMPunk will you be working with @HeymanHustle in the WWE this year?” Punk replied, “Last time we did that one of us quit!”


    Hmmm? Brock vs. CM Punk at SummerSlam for the title maybe? :yes:

  2. Summer slam is Brock vs HHH but I'd love Punk and Heyman to be involved in a storyline together. They're great friends, fantastic on the mic and really passionate about the business. Brock being there makes the feud legit and a main event.
  3. NO HHH copuld vs. him at the MITB PPV and the Punk vs. Brock in the main event for the WWE Title!

  4. They trollin' bcuz that's what they do.
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  5. It was reported ages ago that it might not be at Summerslam but then it was later reported that it would be. I doubt HHH vs Brock is going to be a blow away match at MITB but I hope I'm wrong.
  6. It will be at MITB you know can change that mind at ANYTIME right? And CM Punk vs. Brock at SummerSlam for the WWE Champion will draw more HHH will b/c it for the title and Punk is to guy right and need to start vsing guy like Brock!
  7. I'd love to see them working together.
  8. I wish Randy would do us a favor and just use copy & paste on all his posts. It makes him look much smarter instead of when he types himself.

    Back on topic, I am MarkyMarkin' on the thought of Punk and Heyman in the ring going at it verbally.
  9. This thread makes me want to make a thread discussing how to get Brock Lesnar feuding with CM Punk without making it look completely random. He'd have to go over HHH to actually be considered a threat to Punk imo.
  10. It'll probably look completely random.
  11. Brock better go over HHH. Why bring him back to lose to Cena and then HHH. Would be pointless.
  12. Exactly. But we have a hash tag we like to post around here - #wwelogic

    Do you really see the egotistical HHH losing to Brock Lesnar after bragging about Cena beating him? I just don't see it. If he does win I don't think for one second it will be clean.
  13. They're just trolling and interacting with fans.
  14. He will win, likely from interference from Paul Heyman. Similar to Taker putting over Lesnar.
  15. I still think HHH will lose due to interference or something.
  16. He will, Brock is their biggest star and WWE invested 5 million to get him. They won't have him lose his 1st 2 big matches. They will use his feud with Triple H to build him up so he can put over Punk/Bryan and others.
  17. I hope so. But it was stupid feeding him to Cena.
  18. They're just trolling, like Jericho. Fuck'em.
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  19. Just don't listen to Crayo, listening to him will keep your mind confined with negativity. :burns:
  20. I am so tired of HHH's ego when he puts himself in matches. He better lose. If done right they could put on a very violent and intense match.

    By the way, I am not new to the forums. I usually post as GoldDust, but I made a new account. This one fits my personality better. When I picked the name GoldDust I just typed in the first thing that popped in my head because I wasn't sure if I was going to be posting on here on a regular basis or not.
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