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Discussion in 'RAW' started by edge4ever, Mar 3, 2015.

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  1. Hey All,

    Paul Heyman is simply a genius. His promo last night was emotional, intelligent, and intense. We all know that Paul is a genius and knows how to work a crowd. But, Paul mentioned "rumors" about brock seemingly not performing at wrestlemania.

    Was Paul addressing the very, very small portion of the WWE universe who knows that Brock and Vince argued? What did that mean?

    Regardless of that confusing statement by Paul, his ability to "wing it" and take feuds to another level is amazing.

    I felt this was probably my favorite segment on raw. What do you all think? I mean will Brock stay gone until mania?

    We have taker gone till mania... Sting rarely shows up.... Now Brock is gone.. I love Paul but he can't carry the whole damn thing!
  2. Brock won't be on the screen again until Mania... he doesn't have reason to be and why push something that's already fragile? What if he shows up for the RAW before Mania and an even bigger fight breaks out between him and Vince and he then walks out again, he performs lazily at WM as a result making Reigns looks like pure shit and then he walks away from the company and that's that?

    I disagree that Heyman can't carry this feud through to Mania. He is doing and will continue to do just fine.

    I'm thinking this teasing of a potential Triple Threat from Monday night is to send a message that if Brock wants to half ass the match at WM he will only make himself look like shit because the other 2 would carry the match. I do not believe the Triple Threat will happen as I believe Brock will come in and do his job 100%, he will lay down for Reigns and leave the company, possibly for good this time.
  3. Maybe Brock will show up on the last RAW episode before Wrestlemania but until that I think there will be no Brock Lesnar, no Undertaker or no Sting. And by the way, Brock usually shows up a few days before PPV where he is booked in .
  4. Regardless of the issues with Vince, which is another topic, Brock still needs to be there for some Raws leading to mania as it makes the feud feel more personable and bigger. Paul can carry anyone, true. However, he can't just carry this whole feud.

    Paul is always good at keeping things interesting but Brock needs to be present and deliver an f5 to Regins causing him to get beat by Rollins. He needs to get hit with a spear before mania... All this is what helps make a great feud.. The tension. Paul can only create a certain verbal tension... Which is good, but won't make the feud great...

    We now have 3 main events where 3 superstars in the matches won't be around till mania... ThAts pathetic... Talk about limiting your feuds.

    No triple threat will happen im sure...and I think Brock will put on a good show and then leave for good, agreed.
  5. Well true. But this is mania... And the fact that Brock doesn't do this always pisses me off... Now that were pretty much guaranteed that he will only be at mania... It makes the feud seem worse if you ask me.
  6. Brock will probably come in and be the face against Reigns, hopefully Rollins is put in to salvage the in-ring stuff because they won't want for Reigns to be thrown around. If they go with the whole Royal Rumble scheme of Brock and Rollins sharing the most time and Reigns being in and around, it'll be so much better than a superman punch fest and punching and elbowing the beast to death.

    Heyman needs to stick around after WM31 even if Lesnar leaves, he's too much of a genius on the mic to leave us all. On the RAW after Royal Rumble, Heyman basically set up an hour long promo by himself... featuring Roman and Brock.
  7. It was a decent promo.. I wouldn't call him a genius like you, but he's good on the mic.. Every time he cuts a promo it's solid.. He's been doing this over 20 year's, he should be an expert on the mic by now.
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  8. I'm hoping Brock makes at least a couple more appearances. There's only so many times Paul Heyman can make the same points over and over again before it becomes redundant, and we've still got seven more shows to go before Wrestlemania. People were against the idea of Lesnar going after the Anoa'i family (attacking The Usos, Rikishi, maybe even The Rock) as a way of making it personal and Reigns fighting for his family's legacy, but hell, at least that would have been something.
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  9. Yeah he is. Vince and him are discussing a new contract which allows him to fight ufc while under contract with wwe. He is scheduled for 4 more events including Mania and the raw after. This upcoming week and week prior to mania I'll bet my wwef career he shows. If he does not he is in breach of contract.
  10. Where are you getting this info?...
  11. This is exactly my point. What makes great feuds isn't just mic work... It's physical... Personal... Etc...my point is that Brock needs to be more present.
  12. They can fuck right off with this triple-threat idea, if they truly wanted it for Mania, they would've added DB into it at Fastlane by having the match end in a DQ/double count-out or whatever to set it up for Mania. But now that ship has sailed and they should stick to their original plan.

    As much as I love the guy, Rollins isn't needed in the Lesnar/Reigns match, they should stick with Rollins vs Orton at Mania and they should definitely let Rollins cash in on Reigns in the ME. They can trigger/rekindle Orton and Rollins feud next week by having Orton RKOOuttaNowhere Rollins and there you have it.

    And yeah, Brock should definitely show up more and stop being butthurt for not getting more dough out of Vinnie Mac's pocket.
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  13. Yes, there should be no triple threat for the title... That should not happen at all.

    Rollins isn't needed. Agreed. Let him fight orton. Lose to orton because of Jon Stewart in ortons corner... And then let Rollins cash in later when everyone least expects it. I doubt Rollins will cash in but we will see.

    Brock does need to calm down. He's needed but the fact that he just walked off raw is very stupid on his part.
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  14. Heyman looked legitimately hot over the mic issues, and channeled it to turn that promo up to 11. All praise be to Paul E.
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  15. Dude, there isn't gonna be a triple threat... That was just a passing line on Raw meant to throw a few folks off of the fact that Orton/Rollins is still happening at Wrestlemania. It would be too similar to the championship match at the Rumble, it would leave Randy Orton out in the cold with no one to fight (and Orton is not one to be randomly thrown into a match like the Andre Memorial Battle Royal), and Lesnar losing the championship in a triple-threat is counterproductive to the whole point of putting the title on Brock in the first place, which is so that he can put over the next big star in a one-one-one match. Like you said, it would have ended up being Brock vs Reigns vs Bryan if they wanted to go with a three-way at all.
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  16. I really want to see Rollins cash in.... If u think about it... The way mania is turning out to be.. All faces are winning... Rollins needs to be the one to throw it off
  17. That makes two of us.

    God, I've been wanting for him to cash in at Mania ever since he won the MITB briefcase, it'd be dope if it happened.
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  18. Let me just add: to those who think Lesnar might tank the Mania match and lay a dud, the 37 year old Lesnar is smarter than the 26 year old Lesnar.
    The 26 year old Lesnar left the WWE was behind the ears and believed he was done with WWE for good.
    The 37 year old Lesnar knows business and isn't going to leave such a sour taste in WWE's mouth, that he can't return if his MMA career falters.
    His WWE shelf life is still longer than his MMA shelf life and Lesnar has to know this.
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  19. Rollins cashing in at Wrestlemania would be both awesome and historical, but the shitty part is that he would just drop it back to Reigns the next month at Extreme Rules. The fact that it's Extreme Rules means Seth can't just easily disqualify himself to get out of dropping the title, and I don't see him beating Reigns twice in a row.

    But yeah, I'm less than certain that a cash-in is happening at Mania anymore at all. Reigns is on the gravy train and I wouldn't even be surprised if they book him to become the first man to survive a sudden cash-in and kick out and pin Rollins all on his own.
  20. Seth wouldn't have to drop the titles at ER, there's a possibility of a returning Sheamus brogue kicking the fuck outta Reigns and helping Rollins to retain the title. This is one scenario I can see happening.
    Rollins would then have his own little 'reign of terror' before dropping it back to Reigns at SummerSlam.

    As far as Rollins not having a successful cash-in goes, whether it's at Mania or the night after the event, I'd absolutely hate that.
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