Paul Heyman is destroying Cesaro

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Apr 27, 2014.

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  1. Paul Heyman is destroying Cesaro with the constant promos on Brock beating the streak like WTF isnt Paul supposed to help Cesaro? this dont make sense. And let me tell you im all for Brock being mentioned in promos for beating the streak as its a great accomplishment but really this shouldnt be used during Cesaro's tv time
  2. It's an angle
  3. Paul Heyman is running as an annoying bastard, how do you do that? You run an angle off one of the most shocking and depressing moment in WrestleMania history or maybe even WWE history. Cesaro is getting more help than anyone in the WWE currently, Paul Heyman has what it takes to put people over, if he put over Sandman as talented than he can put anyone over as talented. Cesaro and Paul Heyman are gold together IMO and i find them great together because Paul Heyman is being an annoying bastard as Cesaro sit's in the back like a bad ass. Match comes Cesaro kills them, Paul Heyman returns to continue being an annoying bastard.

    Short Version: No their great together and Paul Heyman is helping Cesaro a lot
  4. He's going to keep doing it until SummerSlam? No, don't be silly. They feel the need to mention it because it was arguably the biggest moment in WWE history and with Lesnar/Taker rarely appearing, some casuals will not be aware of it and fans with think 'why have WWE not capitalized on it?'

    Hopefully it stops after Cesaro's win at Extreme Rules over RVD/Swagger.
  5. Who the fuck said he would do it until Summerslam?
  6. You said it was part of an angle, eg: Heyman keeps doing it until Cesaro snaps and Lesnar returns to fight him, which would happen at SS at the earliest.

    What angle were you thinking of?
  7. The very same angle, but that doesn't mean Heyman will do it every week this blatantly for any extended period of time. It will pop back up later once Brock returns.
  8. @BrockLesnarFanForLife This is a serious question... do you read any of the other threads on this site?

    If you did you would have seen this... thread about the same thing and would have realized this has already been talked about.

    All I've ever seen you do is log on, bump your threads up with posts that don't contribute to the conversation, and then leave.

    You really need to start actually contributing.
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  9. Destroying Cesaro? No way. It's just not helping him that much.

    If anything's helped him it was losing last week in the IC tournament.
  10. inb4 she no-sells.
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  11. Ultimate Warrior could learn a lesson in no-selling from BLFFL.
  12. tbh his theme is the only thing that's destroying him wtf is that siren all about
  13. Too soon man, too soon. lol
  14. If he continues to go on about Lesnar, I agree.

    even beyond that he;s barely doing anything for him.
  15. Oh shit... oops... ummm... sorry! :urm:

    That wasn't supposed to be a joke about his death, just a tribute to the GOAT no-seller.
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  16. Even if it wasn't a joke it was goddamn great. Besides, it's weeks after his death, no reason to feel bad at all.

  17. lol I was playing man!
  18. Cesaro can go it alone he doesnt need manageing. WWE have fucked him over putting him with Heyman
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