Paul Heyman: Lesnar or Punk?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by PSachkovsky, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Lesnar

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  2. Punk

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  3. Both

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  4. Neither?

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  1. CM Punk: Good with him during the later part of his long heel title run.

    Brock Lesnar: Close mates in the real world and the reason Brock became big in the first place.

    Both Of Them: Did well with them both but would it be overkill seeing him come out with both?

    Neither Of Them: It can be argued neither guy needs a manager and that Heyman would be better served helping create a new main eventer.
  2. Heyman can't do anything good for either Punk or Lesnar.

    He might as well help some younger talent get through.
  3. Obviously not Punk. I say Lesnar because nobody wants to hear Brock on the stick, so let Heyman talk for him.
  4. No one wants to hear Brock speak. Stick Heyman with him.
  5. I agree, Lesnar is rubbish on the mic, But in a twist maybe manage the shield? or brad maddox?
  6. Writing in Jack Swagger
  7. CM Punk can talk on the stick whereas Brock Lesnar can't. Also, Paul is more suited with Brock than he is with Punk.
  8. Brock. You know, I had high hopes storyline-wise for his stuff with Heyman but nothing happened and I think Heyman will leave Punk from now on, so since that went nowhere and Lesnar needs someone to talk for him, it's an easy pick.
  9. AW: Paul Heyman: Lesnar or Punk?

    Why not Punk, Lesnar and the Shield.

    Let him go hard against PG era WWE. A Fight for Power, for example, letting Punk win the WHT and Lesbar the WWE title, give the Shield the Tag team title. This would put heyman in a Position of Power, where he could make demands to Vinnie Mac or HHH. Something along these lines would be great, imho.

    They could slowly align the faces behind McMahon and the Heels behind Heyman.

    A Man got to have dreams....
  10. RE: AW: Paul Heyman: Lesnar or Punk?

    What a sexy typo.

    Anyway, Lesnar. For the obvious reasons stated by everyone that Lesnar sucks on the mic so let Heyman do the talking for him.
  11. AW: RE: AW: Paul Heyman: Lesnar or Punk?

  12. Lesbar :hmm:

    Lesbo :otunga:

  13. Lesnar, Brock's too poor on the mic and I prefer to see Punk as a loner type.
  14. Brock needs a mouthpiece like Heyman. Punk doesn't, he can hold his own on the mic perfectly fine. Heyman doesn't even say much when he's with Punk, he mainly lets Punk do the talking while he holds the championship belt (or used to before he lost it.)
  15. Not Punk because Lesnar needs Heyman. Last time Lesnar was on the mic he said something like this...

    I'm feeling that this is real and I sense that you feel what I'm feeling. That feeling you're feeling is because I feel what you feel. You feel me?
  16. Fantastic promo, I was on the edge of my seat.
  17. I would like to see him being the manager of a faction that includes both of them.
  18. Punk don't need a manager to help him.
    Brock, maybe but either way... I am over Heyman.
    Bring back John Laryngitis.
  19. +2 Jack Swagger needs it, badly. He has all that talent, but can't speak well.
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