Paul Heyman on Miz TV on RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. It was announced on SmackDown apparently. This might actually entertain me then if Heyman is there. I worry for Miz lol.
  2. Miz gonna get hit by a F5 . Not bad
  3. :yay:
  4. I expect Senhor to rate the show 10/10 if Miz gets Brocked.
  5. Miz getting injured .. He's gonna be Vince's hostipal roommate :yay:
  6. :hmm: maybe......
  7. Maybe is Brock Lesnar going to F5 The Miz
  8. This segment will most likely be very entertaining. Miz knows how to get under people's skin with his mic work and if they play on that Heyman will totally lay into him. Epic mic exchange inbound.
  9. Why would they plan on Miz annoying people when they're trying to get him over as a face?
  10. Really hope Heyman verbally rapes him, although I reckon he'll be slightly more professional than Punker was.
  11. I meant it more along the lines of kind of how a prosecutor gets under someone's skin. I have a hard time seeing this segment not be about last weeks ending. Having Miz pester Heyman with questions about last week and Brock. Not really being annoying like his heel work but just refusing to let the subject slide. And keep doing that until Heyman snaps.
  12. AH I see. Yeah you're probably right there, and it's always a pleasure witnessing Heyman snap when he has a microphone in his possession.
  13. Yeah. And if Miz is having a good day (and considering that this Heyman thing will most likely be a big story ) he most likely will be motivated and can hang with Heyman for a while to amp it up. Ending the segment in either a F5 from Brock or le wild Cesaro run in to enhance that feud as well. Which could align Cesaro with Heyman possible. That last one is just a wild guess from me though.
  14. Miz vs Brock for the WWE title WM 29 :troll:
  15. Will be a great segment. Will probably end up with Brock attacking Miz, too.
  16. Miz is going to ruin the segment like he does always. Miz TV is always terrible because Miz no longer knows how to be entertaining on the mic. I don't think Lesnar should waste a date to just go for Miz and Heyman will be good enough to make the segment.
  17. I think this will be great! I can definitely see Lesnar and/or The Shield coming out to defend Heyman and attacking The Miz if he says something against Heyman.
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