Paul Heyman predicted the future

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by PSachkovsky, Apr 8, 2013.

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  1. In this promo, he basically talks about what the WWE became today.

  2. I miss asshole chants.
  3. Also, IMO, Jericho gives a much better description of the industry in 2013 when he debuted in '99.

    "A new era is what this once proud and profitable company sorely needs. What was once a captivating, trendsetting program has now deteriorated into a cliche, let's be honest, BORING, snoozefest, that is in dire need of a KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR. AND THAT'S WHY I'M HERE. Chris Jericho has come to save the WWF. Now let's go over the facts. TV Ratings, downward spiral. PPV buyrates, plummeting. Mainstream acceptance, non existent. And reactions of the live crowds COMPLETE AND UTTER SILENCE. And I know why you're silent. You're silent because you're embarrassed to be here. And quite honestly i'm embarrassed for you.

    And the reason why you're embarrassed is because of the steady stream of uninteresting, untalented, mediocre 'sports entertainers' who you are forced to cheer for and care for. NO WONDER YOU'RE NOT CHEERING. You can care less about every single idiot in that dressing room, and especially this idiot in the ring. You people have been led to believe that mediocrity is excellence, nuh uh, Jericho is excellence."
  4. It was a very interesting promo. I'm not sure if it was written or not, I doubt that Vince would take all of that and not say something or stop him somehow, but at the same time Heyman stepped far over the line for Vince.
  5. You know it's a older clip when you hear that crowd response, holy shit that heat! Man, what happened to that?
  6. Kids aren't allowed to swear unless it's via xbox headset.
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