Paul Heyman Promo 4/18.. Possible Feud?

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  1. I think his client Brock Lesnar conquered the Streak lol

    Now.. I can't help but to notice that Heyman is so caught up with the conquering of the Streak that he is hardly promoting his newest client.. The King of Swing, The Swiss Superman Cesaro. 10 seconds to Cesaro and 3 minutes to Lesnar. In my mind, if I were a writer for WWE, this would be purposely done by Heyman every week in order to show who the more important client is to him... in time I would have Cesaro ask him why he keeps talking about Lesnar when he is supposed to be representing Cesaro as well. I would eventually have that form into a resentment of Lesnar on Cesaro's part leading to a separation from Heyman and a feud with Lesnar.

    What would you guys think of a Lesnar/Cesaro feud sometime in the near future?
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  2. I mean, Cesaro/Lesnar is fine, but they can't start building towards the feud immediately after Cesaro became a Heyman Guy. They have to run with that for a while and then after some good time start doing this.
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  3. I like your take on it and it makes sense. I've questioned the Cesaro/Heyman relationship up to this point as far as providing any entertainment as a duo and IMO I'll continue to say Real American Cesaro was >>> this, but if they build toward a Lesnar match with the idea of Heyman not paying enough attention to Cesaro it could be good. Also that would leave Cesaro as a face, which I want to see him as rather than a heel.
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  4. Honestly, I don't think there is anything in it. I think it's just a case of Heyman continuing to gloat until Lesnar's next feud is up, so they can continue the rolling ball of heat that they're currently getting for ending the biggest streak in wrestling history. I think it's inevitable that Cesaro and Lesnar go head to head, but I think that's probably quite far into the future yet, and I'm sure WWE isn't smart enough to start planting those seeds right away.
  5. Lesnar vs. Cesaro sounds fantastic but like others have already said not for a long time yet.

    Cesaro needs to be built up more before going up against a big attraction talent like Brock Lesnar. I'm excited to see where Cesaro is going as a Paul Heyman guy, I previously stated that I did not think that Cesaro could make it as a main-event guy and to be honest I'm thinking that now I could be wrong. Really rooting for a Cesaro MITB win.
  6. Im missing my man Brock :emoji_slight_frown: cant believe he wont be on tv now for ages
  7. I miss him too sugartits but I DO believe that he won't be on TV for ages now...seeing how his time off is written in to his contract...:bodallas:
  8. I could see this happening. I notice it seems like Cesaro is acting face and Lesnar is anything but. I mean, when's the last time a "Heyman guy" extended his hand for a pre-match handshake in the ring like Cesaro did? I just don't get the heel vibe from Cesaro as a Heyman guy yet. Heyman, shiiiit, all he has to do is come out and go "My name is Paul Heyman" to get some heat, but Cesaro......I don't see it yet. They are going to have to have him to do something shockingly heelish to push that transition into full swing (pun not intended).
  9. Spoiler for those who haven't watched RAW yet...

    Spoiler (open)
    Last night this was pushed even more... from Heyman coming out and being intentionally cut to commercial so that when they come back from commercial we can see he was talking about Lesnar the whole break... the announcers mentioning that if the cameras can stay off of Heyman then Cesaro would have a better chance... the backstage segment with RVD warning Cesaro that if he wanted his career to go anywhere he'd get as far away from Heyman as possible. These are all things hinting at the, I think sooner rather than later, break up from Heyman and then Heyman siccing Lesnar on Cesaro starting what will be an awesome feud.
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  10. Strange as it seems already it does indeed seem to be going this way already.
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  11. Well, that's lame.
  12. So you don't think WWE creative is smart enough to think that one great way to have Cesaro become stupidly over with fans is to have him beat the 1 guy who put the 1 in 21-1 and that having Heyman brag incessantly about it, making it much more important than promoting his newest client, is not a great way of bringing about that feud and potential match. Now, it is almost guaranteed that it will be Cesaro/Swagger at ER and after Monday night with RVD warning Cesaro of Heyman and him spending 10 seconds on Cesaro and a full 5 minutes on bragging about Lesnar that eventually Cesaro will tire of hearing about it and confront Heyman? Personally I think it will be about 3 months down the road, let's say Summerslam possibly.
  13. Gosh, just have sex with him and get it over with Paul.

    Seriously, It was almost sexual him on he's knee's screaming "MY CLIENT! BROCK LESNAR"

    Pretty good promo though!
  14. I'm sure he had to change his pants once he got backstage lol
  15. I think Cesaro could get stupidly over by beating Brock Lesnar.

    But I think you waste every bit of heat you just created by having Brock accomplish the impossible feat of Ending the Streak. What Brock needs is for his next feud to be one where he dominates his opponent. It could be that he's going to dominate Cesaro as the follow-up to Mania, but that stupidly (and not in a good way this time) wastes all the investment WWE has made in Cesaro over the last few months, including the inaugural win in the Andre Battle Royal.

    A quick feud between Heyman/Lesnar and Cesaro smacks of slingshot booking. It's wasting the months (years in the case of the buildup of the Streak) of buildup you've invested in either man (or both men, actually) for a quick result. If you want to build Cesaro as one of the faces of the future, he has to continue to be successful in what he does. If you want to build Lesnar as the BEAST INCARNATE (caps done on purpose), then he has to be dominant for a while. At some point, these two paths can cross and benefit both men and the company, but don't give it to us now. It can only damage the loser and hurt the product long-term.

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    I know I will be wrong about this but this is my thinking.... Lesnar is a part timer and Cesaro is in this for the long haul. Personally, I would allow someone to get the rub from Lesnar almost immediately upon him building up the heat... because what is the point of him having that heat and only doing 3 or 4 matches a year when Cesaro could have that rub from Lesnar and then go on a Goldbergesque winning streak.... that's what I want to see happen.... beat anyone and everyone who steps up after he beats Lesnar... eventually getting int a feud for the world title and winning that and holding it for 6 months or so before finally Reigns or someone else beats him for it. So much can be done with Cesaro... he has crazy potential if WWE would get their heads out of their asses and stop catering to part timers and give the wrestlers who work hard what they are due... that's what I want to see.
  17. We're having this conversation in two different threads.

    I'll simplify here by simply saying that I can almost guarantee that a Cesaro/Lesnar match this soon after Mania (yes, I mean Summerslam 2014) is a defeat for Cesaro and, I think, it's a damaging one.

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  18. Cesaro needs to turn either heel or face, he's a tweener right now. I don't mind that, he's one of my favorites, but he really needs a turn.

    So, if this match with Brock is bound to happen, it'd certainly turn Cesaro face, which is cool.
  19. It could work I guess
  20. Eh, didn't we all assume already that Cesaro and Lesnar would eventually feud? Having the feud happen anytime this year would be a bad idea, of course, but it's inevitable that the two will collide at some point now that Cesaro (one of the future faces of the WWE, and thus one of the most susceptible from attaining a rub from Brock Lesnar) is a Paul Heyman Guy.

    I personally think that Cesaro will eventually get tired of hearing Heyman boost about Lesnar's Streak-Killing accolade sooner than later, and will basically tell Paul to focus more on him and less on Lesnar when he's the one who's with him side by side every week. Heyman will apologize, and tell Cesaro he means no disrespect and that will be the end of that.

    Not that that will instigate a rivalry with Lesnar immediately, but it would be a subtle hint of one coming much later on.

    Cesaro is technically still a babyface in a manner of speaking. He's paired up with a heel, but so was Sting when he joined the Four Horsemen as a fan favorite back in late 80's/early 90's WCW. The idea is that in kayfabe, who the fans cheer for and who they hate isn't always supposed to have an impact on a superstar's decision-making in who they decide to associate with or not. In this case, Cesaro knows he has the crowd's support at this point (hence why he would say "We... The People" along with the crowd), but he's not out to antagonize the fans, he just sees that Heyman is a better manager to have at your side than Coulter if you want to advance your career. Just look at some of the guys Heyman has managed or recruited (counting for his ECW promotion) over the years - Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, etc. All whom went on to achieve varying degrees of success. Why wouldn't Cesaro want to associate with this guy if he wants to go straight to the top? At the same time though, they still want the fans to love Cesaro because their long-term plan is to have him break away from Heyman and collide with Brock as a babyface. It's why Cesaro's heel mannerisms have been practically non-existent thus far (except for trying to cost RVD his match last Monday on Raw.)
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