Paul Heyman proposes faction

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 24, 2012.

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  2. That would be pretty good, actually.
  3. Superluchas. :haha:
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  4. Random Cesaro moment.
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  5. I've said on here before how cool a faction Brock, Punk, and Heyman would be but add Cesaro and i may just bust a .. gut.
  6. Hoping that Heyman having more creative input may mean Ambrose getting an opportunity. Punk seems to be a fan of him and I just get the feeling Heyman is as well.

    Not sure about Cesaro, apparently he's an incredible talent in the ring, he's just really bland. Still, I'm willing to give him a chance considering he's been lumbered with this god awful gimmick atm.
  7. I'd like to see that, nice way to use Cesaro actually.
  8. Would probably get him more heat aswell.
  9. Yeah. Plus, a stable with just two people doesn't work very well, they'd need another guy, Cesaro is a good pick and it'll benefit him as well as you said.
  10. This is a good idea of course if indeed, but the source in Superluchas is just useless.
  11. Cesaro is bland but what better mouth piece than Paul Heyman?
  12. Heyman is the ultimate mouthpiece, hopefully if this does go ahead. It will have a good effect on Cesaro who basically gets Zero response from the crowd.
  13. Thing is though, Lesnar hardly ever appears and I doubt Cesaro is going to accompany Heyman and Punk, so what difference is it actually going to make?
  14. This would be good foe Cesaro. He is booked very strong(aside from this week's loss) so he could be a tough silent guy, not a monster exactly, and have Heyman do the talking for him. Adding Lesnar and Punk only adds beauty to that idea.
  15. Heyman, you're a genius! :smug1:
  16. Just thought: What would everybody make of Kings of wrestling to be a part of this faction? Think they would be incredible with their background.
  17. Makes no sense character wise, but Cesaro can use the rub/mouthpiece and a massive heel faction could be an awesome idea right now. But they can use more members, especially with Lesnar having so few dates left... We Want Ambrose, maybe a Mcgillicutty or another bigger guy too, and Ohno for obvious reasons.
  18. Add Nash to it and there we go..

    n . W . o
  19. I'd rather not see that unless he drops the whole foreigner gimmick. It would be odd seeing him in the group like that if he had the same gimmick.

    Perhaps Heyman is trying to start a stable of champions, maybe Show'll be added.
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