Paul Heyman Responds To Superstar Billy Graham’s Rant About CM Punk

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  1. [size=x-large]Paul Heyman has responded to WWE Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham’s rant about WWE Champion CM Punk.

    Graham took offense to Punk’s most recent “Pipe Bomb” promo on RAW, where he insulted WWE legend Bruno Sammartino by saying that Sammartino is only regarded as one of the best ever because he wrestled once a month and never had to wrestle TLC matches or be on the road as much as Punk is. Heyman tweeted early Wednesday morning:

    Paul Heyman From Twitter Acount

    I think @CMPunk should defend the title on Hall of Fame Night at #MSG against Superstar Billy Graham!
    8 Jan 13 ReplyRetweetFavorite
    Paul Heyman

    Hey Vince ... Be the FLESH PEDDLING PROMOTER we all know you are ... BOOK IT!!!
    8 Jan 13 ReplyRetweetFavorite Paul Heyman

    Hogan. Flair. Superstar. All great. @CMPunk #BestInTheWorld. That includes you, @TheRock! @WWE #Rumble

    OH SHIT :pipebomb: ![/size]​

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