Paul Heymans return

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 8, 2012.

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  1. 1) Did you mark?
    2) What are they doing with him?
    3) Are you excited about #2?

    Answer in order. GO!
  2. 1.) Oh hell yea
    2.) Idk
    3.) idk

    Hopefully he is back as Brock's mouth piece, but who knows.
  3. That's what reports suggest.
  4. Would be great. If Brock is going to be gone until after OTL, it would be nice to at least see Heyman around until he returns. As I suggested in the discussion thread he should start negotiating the terms of Brock's return.
  5. Yeah you've nailed it on the spot (not sure if you've read the report lol). Brock's only required to appear what 2 times a month or something? Heyman will fill in between those times I guess. That's a good way to continue the story. Brock's physicality 2 weeks out of 4, Paul Heymans amazing mic skills 2 weeks (or maybe 4 weeks) out of 4. Either way, the WWE promo team are going to be creaming in their jim jams with Heyman back cutting promos.
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