News Paul London says Triple H is jealous of other wrestlers

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Nov 17, 2013.

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  1. Anyone buying what London is saying? I personally can see how Trips would be jelaous of others. He's well known to have an ego and think himself bigger than he is. Just look at his DVD. Granted most WWE DVD bios tend to paint up the subject but they go the extra mile with Hunter.
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    Well, if HHH was ever jealous of RVD for his work rate, I'm sure he had a blast watching TNA before Van Dam left.
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  3. I've always gotten the vibe that Hunter wasn't exactly a cool cat in his every day life. Not sure I buy that RVD is this suave dude Paul London is painting him as either though. He probably just blew down with RVD a lot. Also funny he pointed out HHH having the same match his entire career when RVD is much more guilty of doing the same damn shit in every match.
  4. Well of course HHH's ego is massive, that is known for a decade now.

    Though, London (addmited weed user) talking nicely about BVD (also one) of all people? Sure dude. I don't have anything against weed, but this is too obvious not to understand lol.
  5. It sounds to Hoff like Paul's a little jealous/envious of Trip's success. Get over yourself London. :jericho:
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  6. I'm sure there's professional jealousy among a lot of the wrestlers (especially the top guys) to some degree or another. Especially since there's always that fear that so and so might be a threat to your spot. Russo and Ferrera talked in an interview about how they sometimes even sensed there was a bit of jealousy between Austin and Rock (mainly from Austin's side since he was already a made guy but Rock's popularity was really starting to take off and equal and match his.)

    I always got the feeling that HHH never liked RVD. He seems to have criticized him in interviews before more than he has with any other wrestler. He even said around 2003/2004-ish that RVD didn't have "It" (despite the fact that he was so immensely popular that he was getting cheers even against top guys like The Rock and Kurt Angle in 2001, just a couple of months after entering the company.) I also didn't sense a whole lot of joy in RVD's face when he looked in HHH's direction at the Wrestlemania 23 Hall of Fame.

    Jericho is another guy that HHH has always been jealous of, especially when Jericho debuted into the company to much fanfare right when HHH was finally starting to get his push to the main event. Jericho even admitted in an interview earlier this year that they used to have issues with each other.
  7. Always had a strange vibe around HHH as well. I could definitely see this though. Even what London said about Benoit I can believe. I'm sure London wouldn't just lie about that, it's just against the rules of the internet.
  8. Wait, there are rules of the internet? Damn, The Hoff thought everyone ran wild throughout the internet, raping and pillaging, doing as they please.
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  9. I really can beleve that because Trips` an ego massive ,
  10. I can believe that he could have some issues with certain guys, RVD could be possibly one of them. Doesn't really bother me though, if he puts his ego aside to help the company, then that's fine by me. If he can't, well, we'll see what happens then.
  11. Trips won't ever realistically put aside his ego. Can ya blame the guy though? C'monnn. Look at him. He's got the boss' daughter, it's a given he's going to take over the company when Vinnie Mac steps down. Trips knows what's best for business.
  12. Nope, rule #1 of the internet. 1. You can't lie.
  13. Rule 63, there is a female version of every male character.
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  14. Ah, well Hoff has nothing to worry about then. :ksi:
  15. Wouldn't doubt Triple H is a jealous fuck, but, I don't know if he would be jealous of RVD....There's really nothing there to be jealous of, imo. Jericho, hell, yeah, I can see why H would be jealous of him. He is fucking way above Triple H. Fuck Triple H. Hope his ego crushes him some day.
  16. Every wrestler is jealous of someone. No surprise there.
  17. Trips' ego crushing him, now you know as well as The Hoff does, that is definitely going to happen. It will be one hell of a train wreck to witness my friends. Just pull up a seat, bring the popcorn, and enjoy the show. :jbl:
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