Paul Orndorff Rips The Current Product And Talks Hulk Hogan

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Apr 2, 2014.

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    Orndorff still has that old-school mentality and attitude after all these years lol. I really wonder if there would have been more money in Orndorff winning the strap from Hogan for a short time before losing back to him. His feud with Hogan was hot (it actually set the all-time attendance record for a wrestling show in North American until Wrestlemania 3 happened seven months later) and would have warranted Orndorff becoming champion, but then Piper would disagree and feel he should have won the championship from Hogan instead. There was no stopping the Hulkamania gravy train at the time, though.
  2. Only problem I have with the current product is the amount of times Hogan can speak about slamming giants. We get it............
  3. So basically go through even more pain just to entertain the fans as well as risk injury even more. Hey Orndorff, why don't you get in the ring and protect your words.
  4. Orndorf is a fat fuck who doesn't deserve the oil he showered in
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  5. Sure, rip on today's product being unbelievable when he wrestled in 80's WWE.
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  6. Current product does suck though
  7. You could say that the idea behind the product today is that they did exactly what Orndorff thinks they should have done back in the 1980's with him and Hogan. Often, the pattern is:

    1) Have a face champion
    2) Have a heel challenge the face champion
    3) Have the heel win the title
    4) Have the face (former champion) feud with the heel champion leading up to a rematch
    5) Have the face win the title back
    6) Split them off into other feuds
    7) Repeat

    There is something to what Orndorff says (about the way things should be booked; some of his other ideas are just stupid). WWE (and all the other companies) have learned that there's more crowd engagement in the feud (not to mention more money) when the face chases the belt than when the face carries the belt (cuts eyes over to the Yes! Movement).

    This is also why Bruno Sammartino was a 1-time WWF Champion and Hulk Hogan was a 5-time WWF Champion (during his "main" stint in the WWF as the top babyface in the company; he held it a 6th time for a month in 2002) while John Cena has held the title 11 times, Randy Orton and HHH 8 times, and SCSA held it 6 times. The belt changes hands more often because they've adopted that formula and use it to make a ton of money.

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