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  1. Ehm,the Truth is,since WM i haven't see Raw or SmackDown.I've only saw Extreme Rules.I'd like to know if there are any new rivalies and who will perform on PAyback..I only know for sure that the main Event is gonna be an Ambulance Match for the WWE Champ.,Cena v Ryback..And is Payback a new PPV or is it just repacked?
  2. PPV.

    Matches include Khali vs. Orton in a Tables match, Show vs. Rollins, Kane & Bryan vs. Zico & Andrew Cage.
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  3. Cena vs Ryback is now a 3 stages of hell match (lumberjack, tables and ambulance).
    Punk vs Jericho has been announced.
    A triple threat match between Barrett, Fandango and the Miz for the IC title seems likely.
  4. Who are Zico & Andrew Cage?Did the came over from NXT??I never heard of them..I hope Ryback wins that title.I don't like Cena as a Champ,and quite frankly,i don't really like Ryback either,but i prefer him.Will Ambrose defend his title against Kofi?And which stipulation it is gonna be for Ziggler v Del Rio?
  5. Yes, one from NXT, the other from PWG.
    Ambrose vs. Kofi is set too.
    Ziggler vs Rio is First Blood.
  6. This is actually like Extreme Rules!Wow!Tis is gonna be an awsome PPV!And the is MITB,right?The whole PPVs have changed,i'm confused!
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  7. Krispen Wah is wrestling too.
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  8. Yeah, it's good. Also, Alex Silva (former TNA and OVW TV Champion) has signed in to NXT and "rumors" have it that WWE might have some role for him soon, maybe at the PPV too. A lots going on in WWE these days.
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