PBA (Pseudobulbar Affect)

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by The GOAT, May 31, 2015.

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  1. lol Anyone believe this is actually a real condition, or just a lie fabricated by the pharmaceutical companies to try and swindle people out of money?
  2. More than likely, nearly everything else is.
  3. They're laughing because they saw Seth Rollins's penis.
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  4. I'm sure someone somewhere has this shit they find and make pills for, just not NEARLY the amount of people who will end up diagnosed with it/prescribed pills for it.

    It isn't just doctors who do this in today's world, people are fucking hypochondriacs. I hear endlessly every day people self diagnosing themselves with everything from ADD to OCD to you name it. People seem to want to have something wrong with them, and doctors are obviously happy to tell them they have something wrong with them to send em on over to their good buddy the pharmacist.
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  5. But I have to line everything up perfectly, I so have ocd.
  6. yea man, sometimes I get bored. Damn you, ADD!
  7. Don't understand why people want something wrong with them. When you actually do have something, and not some bullshit self diagnosis crap, it sucks. It's almost on par of annoyance on the same people who think it's, "cute".
  8. After 8 yrs w/7th Grp SF, all the war and pain could never had prepped me for A diag of MS 10 yrs ago. Have spent 2 yrs in a whl chr but fought my way outta it. I have the progressive kind that enjoys playing Pac-Man on the nerves in my brain. Since 1 3/4 yrs ago I have had 7 new lesoins hit me and the damage caused is exactly like depression but depression meds are made for chemical imbalances hard to pinpoint brain damage and the only thing tried worked greta but am allergic to it , just gonna pull up the bootstraps and kick some ass. Harley thanks for understanding, you 2 other monkeys would give my L/H Nut to have a 1on1 with and Goat name the time and place (Mr Maan) wannabe, but there isn't a one of you if got hit w/this you would be right in front of the camere ooooh pooor little me and crawl in a corner with a fifth and bottle of hydros

    Grow up you could be next!!!!!!
  9. I am not sure I understand this post but it sounds like you been through hell. I don't think anyone was targeting people with illnesses. They were targeting the huge pharmaceutical companies who trick people into thinking they are sick so they can make money. Also, this is a very old thread. May I ask how you came across it?
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