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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Solidus, Jun 28, 2015.

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  1. Share your Steam name and games you play if you like. Suggestions would also be kewl :xanth:

    Steam ID: xs9yrt4

    What I play (or have downloaded at least):

    RollerCoaster Tycoon 2
    Castle Crashers
    Fistful of Frags
    Team Fortress 2
    Battleblock Theater (awesome game, especially for co-op)

    Whatchu got?
  2. Oh, I've been killing a hell of a load of time into games like Crusader Kings II (Holy Roman Empire takes over Central Europe and Scandanavia), Sid Meirs' Pirates, Football Manager 2015 and Hat Simulator 2.

    Hit me up on steam, I usually go by the name of Forrest but I keep changing it, so just search for lewster0909 and my current screen name is King Forrest.
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  3. LOL what? :happy:
    And I tried adding you, no users found...
  4. Gimme your name, fool, I'll add you.
  5. I'm a big fan of Civ 5, beyond earth was a huge disappointment however.
  6. Rollercoaster Tycoon! God, I remember how much I played that game and then my computer decided to poop.

    The only game I really mess with is H1Z1 and I haven't even played that much lately. Been a bit too hooked on Batman Arkham Knights (ps4) lately.
  7. Okay, So...

    Anyone want to play a game of TF2 or Garry's mod later on tonight?
  8. PS4 and PC players can cross-play on Rocket League, we should play sometime.

    I've been watching a lot of Dead Realm lately, it looks like quite a good time. Don't really know anyone who plays it, though.
  9. Seriously, Soli, make a steam group if you haven't already.

    Easier for us all to play games as well as Organise some events that we can do as community game nights, eh?
  10. Glorious triple phone post...delete those messages will you, Solibabes
  11. I can do that tonight.
  12. Y
    YeAh, then link it here and in OP, organise some events for members.
  13. Or If you want, I can go ahead and make one now and post it here.
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  14. Go for it.
  15. Steam Community :: Group :: WWE Forums Gaming

    Here's the Steam Group, I decided to do this before heading to sleep. Soli, Join the group and I'll add you as an Admin to the group to organise events.

    Guys, Join the group if you're interested in playing games together somedays.
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