PC or Apple - which are you?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Trip in the Head, Sep 18, 2014.

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  1. Remember these?

    I'm a PC guy myself. Never liked using any iOS versions. I do have an iPad but it was gift and I generally just use it to watch videos on a mobile screen since it's bigger than my phones. Just wondering what you guys on here consider yourselves to be?

    ^My Opinion
  2. PC born and raised.

    More affordable, easier to modify if I'd feel like it.

    Wouldn't mind a apple laptop but for a big rig I think I'd go PC 9 times out of 10.

    Not a fan of Apple's lackluster phones either. Only reason I have an iphone 5 is because it's through work and they pay for it.
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  3. [​IMG]
  4. lol @ anyone identifying themselves as "PC guys" or "Mac Guys"

    both are fine. Macs are fucking boss, but expensive. Apple phones do the trick for me. PCs are fine as well.
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  5. Well at least I know I can make you laugh somehow
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  6. Mac for editing
    Windows for anything else
    You missed Linux

    4/10 for effort :4/10:
  7. Linux is all open source though. I didn't forget. It's just in a category by itself IMO.
  8. Plus you're pushing it to find a pc / laptop preloaded with Linux (dell have some shit I think) I think he's talking the preloaded brand.

    ChromeOs is missing too, it's pretty dank as a straight up Web browser with the quick as fuck boot times etc, it's a perfect old person machine. If they get app emulation right it could be intradesting in a tablet / pc hybrid.
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  9. You mean like the 'chrome book' laptops? I've seen them online but I've never used one.
  10. Yep, they're pretty cheap lightweight etc. Plus you can save all your documents in the cloud 100gb drive for free. Great battery life too. It's limited to streaming, Web browsing and basic document editing in the cloud. Impossible to get infected on and it's cheap enough to be disposable, I'd recommend it to casual users who just want a fb / netflix machine.
  11. I've never liked the idea of the cloud though. I mean it sounds great in theory and maybe I'm just old fashoined, but I like having all my stuff on a physical drive that I could pick up with my hands if I wanted. I mean they just had all those celebrity nudie pics get hacked right? Just seems kind of dumb to me. My work was thinking about moving stuff to the cloud and my first reaction was 'So when things go bad (and they will - Murphy's Law and all) all our data won't even be local anymore and we'd be fucked until it was fixed?'. Sounds logical to me.
  12. Don't keep nudes there then, seems pretty simple. Plus the security levels tend to be really high that the odd breach is highlighted a great deal. From a business point of view invest in greater storage sure but for personal use you'll usually be sound with a Google drive. Does your work have a network drive? It's a similar concept isn't it?
  13. Oh yeah, numerous ones. I just don't see the point in moving all the data half away across the country. Especially when so much of it is sensitive info about taxpayers (SSNs and the like). I guess if we didn't process so much sensitive data I wouldn't see it as such a big problem.
  14. True say. I dig being able to deal with stuff on multiple platforms (a few days ago I showed an SLA template in a meeting etc) plus we can sign people up to our sure whilst with them which helps. The pen testing on our site cost a fortune though so us storing info about people isn't too bad.
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  15. Marked for the maddox Macs gay ad. I have had both, and prefer the PC over the Mac every time, unless we are talking about buying off Craigslist and selling it a month down the road for more than I paid. Mac is great if you're like Dat Kid and use it for videos/editing and all that, but PC is just what I prefer.

    I put all my nudes in the cloud, just waiting for my 15 minutes.
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  16. @Solidus is your guy for Chromebooks - he has one
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  17. PC all the way, cheaper and easy to upgrade yourself.
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  18. Shit another person uses them on here.
  19. I've always had a PC and that's not going to change. I've never used a Mac so I can't really say one is better than the other but if I were given the option between both I'd go with PC.
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  20. Gamer, so PC hands down.
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