Peace of Mind Aftermath: Press Conference

Discussion in 'Royal Wrestling Kingdom' started by Nickelodeon, Jul 19, 2017.

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    The conference room is about halfway filled, with a few local reporters and others from pro wrestling magazines occupying the spaces. On the stage, some slightly familiar faces can be seen - members of the RWK Board of Directors who we do not know but have briefly appeared are present, dressed in suits, directing the media. They head towards the back of the conference room, and the first wrestler to make his way out is none other than the RWK Imperial Champion. His face has been somewhat cleaned up, and he now wears a black t-shirt and gray Nike shorts. He is carrying the Imperial Championship at his side and sets it on the table. Nick takes a seat and surveys the room.

    "Imperial Champion Nick is now accepting questions!"

    Upon this statement from a booming voice in the back, a few reporters shoot their hands up. Nick eyes and nods a bald reporter in the 2nd row.

    Reporter: Hi,'s own. Congratulations on your victory tonight. How would you describe your match with El Pecador tonight?

    Nick: Meh, it was a good match. But it went how I said it would. I came in with a strategy, and I put it into action. Took out his legs and kept him on the ground - something so basic I thought he would've figured out what my intentions were. Guess he's not as smart as everyone says he his.

    Nick shrugs and turns towards the rest of the reporters and points towards a woman in the middle of the room.

    Reporter: I'm with Fighting Spirit Magazine, going off the previous question, do you have an update on the status on El Pecador and his shoulder?

    Nick laughs and answers the question.

    Nick: Couldn't tell you what exactly happened there. All I know is something snapped, and he passed out. If I had to guess, dislocated shoulder. Whether or not we see him at Democracy Rules is none of my business nor concern. He's old news. No threat to me.

    Reporter: Speaking of Democracy Rules, we've all got some things we'd like to ask you about. After the show went off, Spawn came out and challenged you. Any idea on what's in store for you?

    Nick's smug expression sours.

    Nick: Ah, yes. That did happen. Well, I can tell you this. I will be facing him at the next show. Not even because I want to - I think I settled our problems a while ago. That Josh Reed let his propensity for fanboying take over and booked us. Title isn't on the line, but for whatever reason we've got to go against each other. I guess it's not too much of a problem, because if I was defending my championship at Democracy Rules I'm sure he'd come out and cost me it. This'll let me get this over with and have him off my ass once and for all.

    He lets out a sigh and seems to become more relieved. Another reporter asks the champion a question.

    Reporter: Looking forward to Democracy Rules, do you have any news on your stipulations?

    Nick: Oh, right. There's a little catch to all the matches. Well, I'm sure Spawn will pick a cage or inferno match - just a guess, but probably a right one. As for me, I think I'll make my decision here. Hmm... RWK fans, my faithful subjects, I ask you vote for my brilliant stipulation - a street fight. Falls Count Anywhere, anything goes. Just the way I've always liked it. This way I can end my opponent once and for all.

    As other try to ask more questions, Nick seems to find everything he's said sufficient and gets up anyways. He grabs the Imperial Championship and gives the reporters a farewell wave, obnoxiously smirking at them.

    @Beaver @Green Power Ranger @Zap Kenobi TLDR - My stipulation is a Street Fight

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  2. Spawn charges out from behind the ad curtain screaming like a wild animal. The huge masked monster plows straight into the back of Nick's chair. Sending both men to fly over the table into the reporters. The demon then bursts up to his feet with another roar as he simply throttles Nick with one hand and then slowly raises the Imperial Champion over his head. Spawn simply taunts the man.


    Spawn flicks the hair of his mask as he gazes deep into the eyes of the champion, before the demon hurls Nick back on top of the table. The reporters all shrieked and snapped photos as the attacker blasted Nick straight through the table with a choke slam that could shatter concrete. The obliterated table hurls through the air as if a bomb had just gone off. Spawn runs and leaps on top of Nick, smothering his face with his massive elbows as the sick and twisted demon mangles the point of his forearm into the face of Nick. Spawn then grabs a microphone that fell to the floor because of the table breaking. The demon looks Nick in the eyes as growls out.

    Your Hell is a special place on Earth. Your hell is a Best of 5 Table Match. I will pick you up. And slam your ugly little head through five god damn tables. I want to see your brains ooze and and flood with your tears. I want you to rot in Hell!

    The demon then pushes off of Nicks face with another shove of his elbow. Spawn turns around and begins to walk off as the reporters all make way and clear five feet from the savage beast.
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