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The San Francisco 49ers play the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV on Sunday, February 2. You wouldn’t think lucha libre would have a horse in that race. Think again.

49ers star tight end George Kittle has a documented friendship with Pentagon. Kittle has been known to flash the Cero Miedo hand signal after first down catches. He has also worn custom Cero Miedo cleats. The two met for the first time at WrestleCon 2019 and exchanged gifts; a mask for Kittle and a jersey for Pentagon.

With the 49ers reaching the Super Bowl, Pentagon has sent his support by creating a custom mask for the occasion.

Awesome @PENTAELZEROM @gkittle46 inspired mask. For football fans who see this, this is the luchador who inspired Kittle’s “Cero Miedo” hand sign in a custom version of his mask inspired by Kittle. #49ers #SuperBowl #SuperBowlLIV #NFL

— Masked Republic (@maskedrepublic) January 23, 2020
Puro zero miedo!

— PENTA EL ZERO M (@PENTAELZEROM) January 23, 2020
Pentagon isn’t the only luchador getting in on the 49ers action. CMLL’s Mistico is sending a mask to Kittle. The following tweet video has Kittle’s reaction to the message. Kittle is enthused by the double mask tactic.

Deseando el triunfo en el Super Bowl a los 49ers de San Francisco de la mano de George Kittle, el "Príncipe de Plata y Oro" manda su máscara...

— Lucha Libre CMLL (@CMLL_OFICIAL) January 24, 2020
It will be fun to look forward in seeing what else arises from Kittle’s fondness for luchadores. Pentagon is signed with AEW, so they would be crazy not to try and capitalize on potential press for Dynamite. AAA and CMLL may produce more luchador offerings. Since Mistico is the brother of Rush and Dragon Lee, ROH might as well try to milk the moment. Heck, WWE should set up a meeting for Rey Mysterio with Kittle. Any fan of lucha libre would no doubt be excited to meet Rey.

What do you make of luchadores trying to maximize this exposure to become household names? Should luchador masks be worn more frequently in society?

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